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Sep 27, 2007 03:18 PM

Desperately seeking great hot chocolate in Edmonton

Any suggestions?



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  1. What's your definition of great? Culina does a nice one with hot, highfat milk and callebaut chocolate. They used to make it "spicy" with some chilli-powder and assorted spices, but im not sure it's on the menu anymore.

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      Hi Yen,

      THAT'S where I remember having a "Mexican" hot chocolate. Thanks. I'll check that out. I know that Hulbert's in Grandview also does a nice version with melted Ghirardelli chocolate into steamed milk...and Zocalo does the same, but with Callebaut chocolate.

      I guess my definition of great is that the hot chocolate is not overly sweet like most chain coffee places, but tastes of rich, dark chocolate. Thanks for that post about Culina though. I'll check and see if they still have it on the menu.
      Edible Prairie Jennifer

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        No worries. Now if you ever find yourself in NYC, or parts in Asia (Australia and Singapore mostly), you have to try Max Brenner for their hot chocolate. The whole atmosphere is a bit...pretentious, but the hot chocolate is definitely an interesting experience.

        As for "Mexican" Hot Chocolate, i remember that is how they branded it, but im pretty sure it's incorrect :) I didnt know about Hulbert's... thanks for that. Im not a huge fan of Ghiradelli chocolate, but for hot chocolate, it would be tasty.

        Now what i've noticed though is most places use homogenized milk at best. Have you found any places that actually use half and half, whipping cream, or heavy cream? I'd be interested in the differences.

    2. The "Mexican" hot chocolate at Culina's was fantastic. You can also purchase Nestle's "Abuelita" brand to make mexican hot chocolate at home. Not quite sure where you can purchase it here in Edmonton. It's quite yummy and my favorite hot chocolate - it's a solid disk of chocolate (with a touch of cinnamon and hot pepper)

      Some like the hot chocolate at "Bueno Gelato" - Bernard Callibaut chocolate melted in homogenized milk. Personally, I prefer their lattes and gelatos which are fantastic.

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        Abeuelita is at El Paraiso on 118 Ave

      2. I remember having chocolate chaud at the Creperie and it was the real thing like one would get in France -- hot cream with real melted chocolate. But this was sometime ago and I think it may have been part of some winter special menu.