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Sep 27, 2007 02:56 PM

Invading Detroit for Bears Game

I've never been to detroit but I'm going this weekend for the Bears game. Any suggestions for a good sports bar after the game where I can watch the late games and get some decent food? Actually, we are staying in Windsor, but I'll take suggestions for either side of the border.

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  1. Shouldn't this be targeted to Detroit posters under the Midwest Board or do you not trust them under the circumstances?

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    1. re: burton

      Exactly! I'm going behind enemy lines. If I trust them they'll send me down some dark alley.

    2. These two are within a few blocks of Ford Field.

      Hockeytown Cafe

      You could also try Cheli's Chili Bar, owned by a Detroit Red Wing

      The Lindell A.C.

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      1. re: brendastarlet

        I would vote for the Lindell A.C., which is a throwback classic Detroit bar (unlike Cheli's or Hockeytown). It really depends what you're looking for. For giant tvs and newer bars, Cheli's and Hockeytown are what you want. If you're instead looking for older, worn-in, more classic bars, I would recommend the Lindell A.C. or the Anchor Bar on Fort Street.
        the Anchor Bar

        1. re: zachary

          the only problem is that the lindell has been closed for a couple of years.

          good places to catch the late games close to ford field:
          cheli's - go up to the second floor
          hockeytown - ok, but no great shakes
          coach's corner - in harmonie park
          the detroiter bar - across the street from the bricktown (just south of greektown) people mover station
          loco - mex place in greektown - sit at the bar
          foran's - on wodward just north of congress
          nemo's - out by old tiger stadium on michigan ave - voted #2 or #3 best sports bar in america by sports illustrated a couple years ago - not flashy. a throwback kind of place. very good burgers.

      2. Food at Cheli's is only fair. For a sports bar in the stadium area, try Harry's at 2482 Clifford.

        Not really a sports bar, but Detroit Beer Co. is a decent place for drinks/appetizers.

        In downtown Windsor, if you seek a bar, look about you.

        Yes, I'm a SE Mich resident, but a) I used to live in Chicago, and b) don't care that much about the Lions. I can be trusted.

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        1. re: Jim M

          FIRE MILLEN!

          If you head up Woodward til you are at 9 Mile (not too far from the stadium), Ferndale is a lot of fun--good bar food and TV watching to be had at Rosie O'Gradys and the Post Bar, or Woodward Avenue Brewers. Lots of good restaurants if you decide you've had enough football.

        2. Whatever anybody else tells you, listen to me: if you want a good dining experience, AVOID CHELI'S CHILI BAR. Every time I've eaten there, without exception, I've been disappointed. And this coming from a guy who thinks that Chris Chelios is an absolutely *fantastic* Red Wing, and a guy who really gives back to the community.

          The food at that place, though, is just lousy. "Gordon Food Services slop slightly reheated" lousy. No, I've never gotten food poisoning or anything, but for crying out loud: shouldn't a place that has chili in its *name* actually serve chili that people think is better than "functional for semi-nutrition"? No one, of all the people I've talked to, thinks this place is good for food. A good place to drink and watch tv? Perhaps, in fact, sure. Why not? It could even be said that it's a good "see and be seen" type of place. But the food is just plain lousy.

          Try Slows BBQ in Corktown. Or Tom's Oyster Bar. Or Sweet Loraine's. Or some place in Windsor. But please: *don't* go to Cheli's and complain to other people out of town about it, saying that the people of Detroit don't know how to eat well. It just ain't so.

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          1. re: boagman

            The Lindell A.C. is about to be torn down. So you might have trouble getting served.