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Sep 27, 2007 02:52 PM


I am looking for good recs in Newton Corner. I guess West Newton Square and Newtonville would be good too. Thoughts?

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  1. Depends on what you want. A few possibilities:

    Newton Corner: Amarin (Thai), Buff's Pub (bar best for Buffalo wings)
    West Newton Square: Sweet Tomatoes (pizza), Blue Ribbon BBQ, Lumiere (fancy French)
    Newtonville: Karoun (Middle Eastern), Lam's (Vietnamese), Ariadne (American w/Asian and Mediterranean slant), Cabot's (ice cream and lunch counter fare).

    Watertown Square is also not far from Newton Corner and has several options.

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      1. re: Big Fat Moe

        I wrote about Karoun yesterday. I love it! Homemade Armenian food. Lemony and delicious. Very fresh and very homemade. Bachslunch gave you excellent options. All of them are great.

        1. re: Big Fat Moe

          Lam's is a moderately-priced Vietnamese place that's casual without being Chinatown grungy. I ate there once at lunchtime -- thought the food was very good (don't remember what I got, but it wasn't pho) and service was both low-key and friendly.

          Karoun is only open at dinnertime; they're a fairly large place that does Middle Eastern cuisine (their menu said something about Armenian, but I don't know what would distinguish this from, say, Lebanese food). Apparently they have a belly dance show at 9:30 Friday and Saturday nights -- the time I went was much earlier, so I didn't get to experience this. I remember getting an appetizer sampler plate (which I don't see on their online menu) and thought it was amply portioned and very good. Service was fine if not the ultimate in attentiveness.

          Hope this is helpful.

      2. Also in West Newton Sq: Commella's for inexpensive red-sauce Italian. Good basic pasta and subs.