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Sep 27, 2007 02:40 PM

bar dining downtown

hey hounds...looking for upscale restaurants where i can sit at the bar, have a drink and an appetizer and pretend to be wealthy. will be downtown(grant park area) and would like to hit a few places in one night. walking or el or cab.

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  1. Just what you're looking for...
    The Gage
    24 S. Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60603

    1. Take a walk down to MI Avenue and sit at the bar at NoMi

      1. There are quite a few great choices.
        The Four Seasons, Peninsula Hotel, or Hotel Sofitel all have superb upscale bar/restaurants.
        Gibsons, Carmine's, Luxe Bar, Nicks Fish Market, Spiaggia, Le Colonial, and the list goes on...

        1. Rhapsody and Atwood Cafe are nice, too.

          1. A bit hard to say without knowing how old you are and what kind of scene you're looking for. In the Loop (both on Wacker), either Rivers or One North are upscale restaurants with bars and good food. Farther north, RL restaurant on Mich. Ave. or the bar at Four Seasons or the Drake Hotel (lobby lounge or Coq D'Or). Then there's the whole Rush Street/Viagra Triangle scene...