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Sep 27, 2007 01:47 PM

Peace Street Kitchen - Hungarian food in Melville, NY

I work in the Broadhollow Rd/Pinelawn area,and I am totally sick of Gemini and the News Stand, so I scoured the internet for something exciting, and I came up with the Peace Street Kitchen - Hungarian (w/ some Italian and American) bistro on Walt Whitman Road, next to Bertucci's, across the street from Dick's Sporting Goods.

My expectations were beyond met - very small, nothing fancy, but the food is out of this world for the price. I had a braised beef in red wine/ blueberry reduction and spicy hand-cut fries. They also have a crepe menu that I am planning on trying next time - they offer sugary ones, and ones such as mozzarella/eggplant.

I was surprised to not find this here, and not many other sites on the internet... anyone else try this place?

You can find the menu on

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  1. looked at the menu, interesting, but is this place a restaurant or is it more of a deli with tables?

    1. Also looked at the menu and it looks interesting and reasonable but not very hungarian persay. Are there daily specials that are more hungarian in nature?

      1. By complete coincidence today--i.e., not having even seen your post--I went there for the first time, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Had a Hungarian sandwich (or something with a very similar name) and it wasn't anything fancy, but very tasty with nice spicing. Will definitely return.

        jpf1980: more of an informal restaurant. That is, nothing seems to be previously-prepared and just dished out when ordered. I placed my order at the counter (not sure if I could have just sat down first) and my order was brought over to me a short while later. Since it was a sandwich, service was fast but it wasn't "scoop it out of warming trays and toss it over" quick.