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Sep 27, 2007 01:28 PM

Still River Cafe in CT? [moved from Tristate board]

NYtime review this wednesday said "extraodinary" yet found much to boo hoo...confused the crap out of me...Has anyone been there? Comments/Criticisms/Reviews?

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  1. Too far away for me here in Westchester but I thought the review was almost all extremely complimentary. Not sure of your confusion sixelagogo. I did find the reviewer's comment about her distaste for self-trained chefs to be pointed and nasty in tone and expected her to elaborate on how this restaurant proved her correct but she didn't - just left it lying there. Nor did she directly address how anything she quibbled with - and there was little - was a result of a lack of formal training. Imho - a year or even a winter in the kitchen at Blue Hill is impressive and I'm not sure how the chef/owner scored that job unless she was just chopping veggies

    Anyway, aside from the reviewers dislike of one dish I thougth everything else read as extremely positive thus the "extraordinary" review. Probably she should have elaborated on the self-trained comment or left it out. Bad on her writing, bad on her editor.

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      The reviewer didn't just one dish, she complained about an entire meal:

      "I encountered my only problem with Still River on the evening of my first visit, when the food, almost across the board, lacked seasoning. The result was that the potato-bound three-clam chowder was bland; perfectly fried, ricotta-stuffed zucchini blossoms were lackluster; a crisply fried striped bass fritter was just O.K."

      No way does such a comment merit an "extraordinary" rating. I've eaten at the Still River Cafe and the food is both fresh and wonderful for the most part, and well worth a trip to the middle of nowhere on a weekend. But I can think of a dozen better restaurants in the state, none of which were ever rated "extraordinary."

      1. re: rbailin

        I agree with your assessment of the did the reviewer manage to make "bland" and "OK" with EXTRA ordinary?

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          I took the review differently - the first visit was, as you state, across the board bland but the second visit was so remarkably different she discounted the first experience as an off night and gave her weight to the second meal. In my re-reading, I'd agree with you that her two different experiences need be given equal or at least relative weight in the review. Still, the second meal did, per her description, merit an extraordinary at least for that visit.

      2. A group of us went to Still River Cafe this past weekend....and we SO ENJOYED our meal...the atmosphere is simple but elegant, the service we had was flawless, the food was delicious...only a couple "complaints".. Half of the group ordered the Georges Bank cod platter...the chowder was heavenly, the fish cake was phenomenal, but the poached filet and polenta were bland. The beef platter had Kobe beef and it was "tough".... but none of us let that interfere with our experience, and we all agreed that going back there is a must. Though a bit pricey, we felt that we got our money's worth. A touch that we all appreciated was that jazz wafted through the air...the music did not take over the room. We did not realize that we had a room full of fellow diners, as we were able to converse among ourselves with ease and comfort. It is worth the drive!! Still River Cafe is right on the mark!!! Elitha October 8, 2007

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        1. re: Elitha Cohron

          sounds really good...i still haven't figured out where in CT it is...any idea how far it is away from nyc?

          1. re: sixelagogo

            its in the northeast corner of would probably take you 2 - 2.5 hours.

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              A place link for you and the thread...

              Still River Cafe
              134 Union Rd, Eastford, CT 06242

          2. Either Patricia Brooks is writing under the name of Stephanie Lyness or the two of them should be booted to the curb. Jfood is so sick of the NY Times CT reviewers giving away ratings like lollipops at the barber shop. HELLO NY TIMES MGT STAFF, IS ANYBODY HOME? can you please read this stuff before you print it? or is it all the news that fits we print.

            Now jfood has not eaten at this resto and the website looks like somewhere jfood will venture to after the winter, but let's comment on the review.

            The review
            Rabbit terrine - occasionally fancy
            Jonah crab salad - too much horseradish
            Scallop threesome - no comment, it's a review steph, remember. did you like it?
            Clam Chowder - bland
            Zucchini blossoms - lackluster
            Striped bass fritter - "OK", must be a NY Times technical term

            On her well nigh-perfect encounter:
            Corn brulee - too sweet
            Tomato and Mozzy - hooray she liked something. Need a lot of cooking talent to make tomato and mozzy
            Cod - she liked
            three creme brulees - she does not even comment on them other than they are served in little white ramekins
            And the chef choices - a bun with tomato jam "alternating between...peach gazpacho" what the heckis alternating between, you receive some gazpacho then a bun then gazpacho? then you receive a tomato with some goat chees (jfood loves that combo by the way) and romaine, ham and parm in rice paper (also sounds very good)

            And for this she gives the resto and EXTRAORDINARY. Sounds from the read that it has major kinks to iron out and should receive a GOOD with potential.

            The NY Times should be embarassed publishing this junk.