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Sep 27, 2007 01:05 PM

Attn: jfood--When is Cherry Street East opening??

Well here I am again wondering if you know the scoop. It better be good when it finally does open.

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  1. ok, ok, jfood detours a little every day on the way to work to peak inside. as of tuesday, the booths were in but still raw wood. Jfood guesses end of october.

    can't wait.

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    1. re: jfood

      Okay, thanks. I appreciate your patience.

      1. re: jshap

        patience? jfood wants a burger

        1. re: jfood

          I meant your patience with my question. Mr. and Mrs. jshap are equally as anxious for their return. I must say it is taking FOREVER for them to finish.

    2. UPDATE!!!!!!

      I was taking a leisurely stroll in town yesterday and figured i would stick my head in to ask.

      The booths have been removed so the carpeting can be installed. the ceiling still needs work and the walls look great as i leaned on the bar, yet to be installed. Then the big question, when do the burgers arrive.

      Good News/Bad News

      They told me....Thanksgiving.

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        Cherrystreet is good, but I think you are a pumping it up a little bit, perhaps because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Good burgers, good ribs, decent sandwiches, decent salads. And New Canaan does not have anything remotely like it. But I am fearful people who have not had a Cherrystreet burger might be a little underwhelmed. But I am looking forward to it opening. John is a good guy, and the town needs a more low-key, neighborhoody, "Cheers" type of place.