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Sep 27, 2007 01:04 PM

South Shore Anniversary Dinner

Looking for a great place on the south shore for a dinner out for our 13th anniversary...any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Have you been to Tosca in Hingham, the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset or the Sun Tavern in Duxbury? All have been good in the past...

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    1. re: sugarmonster

      I second Tosca....great food and ambience, and if you go on a Fri or Sat, they have live jazz in the bar area as well!

    2. Solstice in Kingston is very good and my wife and I actually have spent a couple of anniversary dinners there. I also have been suggesting people try Enoteca Di Vino in Plymouth lately as I have had a couple of great meals there recently.

      Enoteca Di Vino
      39 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

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      1. re: TomH

        I second Solstice. My husband and I actually went there last night to celebrate my birthday. Fabulous as always.

        1. re: MyrnEats

          I think that atlantica in cohasett has the greatest setting on south shore you can sit and watch lobster boats coming in also they have large menu with great steaks and seafood.

          1. re: OLDCHEF

            All reports about Atlantica on this board I've seen thus far suggest great views but mediocre food, though I haven't been yet to confirm.

      2. Solstice is a very good bet. Excellent wine list. Professional service. Comfortable atmosphere. Well thought out menu, well executed. Reasonable pricing for what you get, and--------FREE PARKING!

        1. If you are willing to go a bit in-land to Sharon, I'd highly recommend Coriander Bistro. The chef tasting menu is great. I don't recall exactly, but it is either $65 or $75 per person for 5 courses, available Tuesday through Friday.