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Sep 27, 2007 12:37 PM

Help: Last Minute Advice

OK, so I’m dumb and waited a bit too long to secure resos for a birthday dinner tomorrow night. Right now I have 8:15 at Morimoto locked in, but we have dined at Morimoto in Philly and she has hinted she wants a steak meal. Strip House is booked until 10 as you would imagine, have already eaten at Craft Steak a few times, any other ideas for something in that vein or anywhere else that may be worth a shot.

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  1. Ok further update, scrambled and called around some, I know its a different direction but got a reservation at Nougatine (sp) at a great time for us (8:45), with a request for the main dining room if it opens up. Any other thoughts?

    For background, we live very close to the aforementioned MoriMoto, dine out pretty regularly have been fortunate to experience many of the city’s great spots. This is not a money is no object dinner, but I don’t mind spending on great food and obviosuly looking to try and get a resonable reservation time.

    1. Quality Meats is nice; my husband and I always have a good time there. (Never been to Nougatine)

      1. Why don't you try and see what's available? Maybe it will give you some ideas.

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            Thanks for the open table call, have never really used it much before…these are my options as I see it now, focusing on places we have never been:
            Uncle Jacks
            Quality Meats
            Fleur de Sel

            Any strong recommendations on which out of this lot to pick? I’m leaning towards Nougatine or Quality Meats

            1. re: Rock48nj

              As for a steak, I vote for Spark's, hands down. I don't know if they are even on opentable, but I would google and call. I think it's the best in Manhattan, IMHO.

              As for your list, I vote for Fleur de Sel -- fantastic, cozy ambiance, AWESOME food. I was taken on my birthday once, and it was very delicious and very special. I can't wait to go back and constantly recommend it to others.

              1. re: nattie23nyc

                I enjoy Sparks as well (more with the guys though), a little too old NY for this outing. Thanks for the Fleur de Sel info.