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Sep 27, 2007 12:36 PM

A16 or Slanted Door with a toddler?

I'm meeting a friend and her two year old for an early dinner on Sunday night, and currently have reservations at both A16 and Slanted Door. I've seen lots of kids at Slanted Door, especially early in the evening, so I think it should be okay there; would it be a problem at A16? When I've been there I've only sat up front, so I'm not sure how the rest of the restaurant is set up. Also, my guest is visiting from out of town and will be driving up from San Jose: is either restaurant either to get to from that direction (I never drive into San Francisco that way)? Or does anyone have another suggestion of a restaurant that's good with a toddler, open on a Sunday, and has food that someone who lives in Minnesota and has a wide ranging palate would like?

If both places are equal, then I'll just give her the choice between restaurants and cancel the other reservation.

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  1. I think both would be fine with a toddler, but Slanted Door is easier to get to from the south and parking is much easier (valet).

    1. Think it would depend on the toddler - if they would sit (do they even have high chairs at A16?) and be fascinated by lots of people and things going on A16 might work - but it is a very busy place with lots of people walking around (fast) and no place for a child to wander.

      1. Slanted Door...spacious, bright, easy driving/parking & of course, the view.

        1. These are, literally, my two most frequented nice restaurants in SF. I have to say, I don't think you would have a *problem* at A16. But I think Slanted Door is the better and safer bet.

          1. Thanks all, Slanted Door it is (the info about driving and the parking situation helped a lot), and my friend said that she loves Vietnamese food.