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The Counter is coming to OC

It's been a while since I've lurked on the boards here, so it may be old news, but it looks like The Counter is soon opening a location in Irvine in the shopping center on Irvine Blvd and San Canyon. Just a heads up

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  1. Yep, very old news. I found out when the Woodbury Center building plans were announced. It's taking them a while to open though.

    1. Anyone know when they are opening..I know it says in the fall,but enough allready....why would it take a hamburger joint so long to open,when almost all the other restaurants at Woodbury have already opened.

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        Soon, I think ! I was at the LA Fitness next door last Saturday, and a woman was at a table outside, with a sign saying "Now Hiring" and applications....

      2. They also say they'll be opening in the fall on Ventura Blvd. just east of Laurel Canyon in Studio City ... I think they're going in where 20/20 Video used to be:


        1. It's a few storefronts down from the new LA Fitness...kind of ironic. You can burn off those calories in advance (or at least make a small dent).

          1. A couple more miles down the 405 fwy and your at Houston's (Jamboree) or Morton's (Bristol) where the Best Hamburgers live?

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              Ok, not the best burgers, but Fatburger is in the same plaza you speak of.

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                Nothing wrong with Fat Burger for a "fast food" burger for $5-.

            2. The Counter will be opening November 19th.

                1. They seem to be running a season behind ... the Counter's website lists the Irvine location as opening in summer 2007. The Studio City location, on Ventura Blvd. west of Laurel Canyon where L'Imagerie used to be, is listed for fall 2007 -- but as of a week ago they haven't even put up a sign or started any renovations.

                  The same page lists THIRTY-TWO new outlets. I hope they aren't expanding too fast (can you say "Boston Market"?)


                  1. In my opinion the Counter is not very good at all, similar to places like Sizzler and etc. The Santa Monica store is morfing into a chain almost over night and the quality of food is mediocre at best.

                    1. We drove by today and it was open for business. I wait a while before I give it a try.

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                        They were doing a "tasting", a sign said...presumably for invited guests. This is common, for a restaurant to do a kind of a dress rehearsal. The sign said they'd be open for real on Tuesday night (the 20'th).

                      2. We went yesterday and the place was packed. We ordered our burgers med and got well done burgers. The second set was med rare to rare!! We took our food home and cooked the patty to med and it tasted fine. The sweet fries and onion combo was oversalted. I give them another try in a month.

                        1. I went opening week. I have a few pics of the venue, the burgers, and the apps if anyone is interested:


                          1. The Counter is another attempt to make a simple cheap food more expensive and complicated than it needs to be. The one good thing about the counter is that you can go with a large group and still feel like you're out because they have a full bar in the restaurant. The meal begins with you filling out what seems to be a mini golf score card. One can almost be overwhelmed by all the choices that the counter offers. If you are into making a custom burger than this is the place for you. If you want a cheap burger then run because your burger can range from 8-15 depending on what size you choose and what you put on it. The fries reminded me of McDonald's but with a smaller serving. If you're headed out with Friends then consider the counter...if you're looking for the best burger in LA or a cheap eat then this is not the place for you.

                            1. The Counter. Urgh. What a beat up! I"ve been three times now. Burgers ok - not a huge amount of flavor no matter how many of their 'signature toppings' you put on them. The fries are wayyyyyy too greasy and are over salted. Service ok, but rushing you out after they've taken 25 mins to bring your burger. I'd rather go to Carls Junior.

                              1. I loved their sweet potato fries and onion strings. Greasy, yes, but good. The process of customizing the burger was fun, but the actual burger itself was underwhelming in flavor and anti-climatic. While better than most fast food joints, it wasn't worth the cost.