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Sep 27, 2007 12:31 PM

Mounting height and CFM questions for 5 burner cooktop. [Moved from Not About Food board]


Hope you can share some suggestions....we will be purchasing a 30 inch gas cooktop for our tiny kitchen. this cooktop has 54k total btu's with 5 burners.
i'm concerned about 2 issues. the first is the 21" height from the cooktop to the bottom of the range hood. I just feel it is not enough clearance. The 2nd issue is that I'm not sure 300 CFM is adequate for the amt of heat generated. Obviously we do not want to go over budget w/higher CFM if we don't need to, however it is very important to have the right hood since our kitchen space is tiny. please advise,


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  1. I think you're right to be concerned about the 21" - I'd be very uncomfortable cooking with that small a height to work in. The hood should have some indication of the maximum recommended installation height, and that's where I think you want to be. Of course, there's going to be a relationship between the CFMs of the blower and the height that you can mount it at, so you may need to go to a larger blower to get the clearance you want.

    Strictly in terms of venting heat, the 300 CFM doesn't strike me as being clearly inadequate, though I think you probably are getting close to the limit. Remember that it's highly unlikely you'll be running all 5 of your burners at the maximum at the same time. I have a 48" range with 6 burners plus a griddle, with a total maximum output of about 115,000 BTU, which of course I never come anywhere near generating at one time. My hood is rated at 1000 CFM, but I've similarly hardly ever run it a maximum capacity, and then only to deal with smoke rather than heat. At 1000 CFM, if I don't crack a door or window, it's capable of reversing the flow in my fireplace chimney (don't ask how I know). It runs most of the time at 300 CFM, sometimes at 600. I have 34" of clearance, which was, as I recall, an inch or two less than the recommended maximum, and it works just fine, even at the CFM lower settings. Remember that duct size, length of run, and number of bends can all affect the actual, as opposed to the rated, power of the hood. Were the people at the appliance dealer not able to advise on all this?

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      thanks for the input..I haven't looked at any range hoods yet, but I am glad to get real people advise before hand. It took me awhile to select this cooktop since the control had to be upfront to maximize the cooking surface and having a tiny kitchen we have to utilize every inch. DH would be happy with the 24" blue star range however I wanted a cooktop.
      thanks again.