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Sep 27, 2007 12:27 PM

Where to get great party food?

HELP! I need a great and unique idea for a cocktail party. Something along the lines of gourmet pizza or Vietnamese spring rolls... but better. Anyone want to suggest the their favorite take-out?

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  1. get Rahel to cater a few Ethiopian dishes! Sambusas, a few combo platters, lotsa injera.

    Go to Portos and stock up on potato balls and stuff.

    Go to Nata's and get some of her delectable savory pastries, sweet pasteries and mini-sandwiches. Here's her party menu

    get a selection of somosas pokoras, naan, bhaji, dosas, roti, Kulcha, paratha, puri and tondoori meats from a good indian place. I like Gangadin

    get a selection of mezze from Alcazar or Carnival

    You can call these places a day or so ahead and order platters to pick up.

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      I second Natas - they do party platters for all sizes and tastes...

    2. i know its not really unique but ive had really good luck with the shrimp coctail platter from costco

      1. Sunnin in Westwood for a great lebanese spread... Brodard's in Little Saigon for a great Vietnamese spread (the fried pork spring rolls are earth-shattering)... Sarkis Pastry for a great Armenian baklava selection... Mama's Hot Tamales for a wide selection of tamales... Langer's for a great selection of pastrami, corned beef, etc.... Brent's for a smoked fish tray... Beverly HIlls Cheese store for a big cheese/charcuterie selection...

        1. Some nice suggestions already, so I'll just add to...

          Bay Cities for sandwiches

          Warszawa would be great

          Thai apps from Jitlada

          Los Balcones de Peru or Qusqo

          Caioti for a "gourmet pizza sampler"

          Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

          Hate to suggest Gelson's, but Gelson's would put together a great spread

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            That they would. the did a great selection of appetizers for my rehearsal dinner last year-great tasting and very appealing to the eye. Everyone kept saying "Gelsons?!?! A GROCERY STORE did this?" (these people must not have been Gelson's initiates :) )

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              I grew up shopping at Gelson's... Used to love those chicken drummettes, the cannolis (RIP), au gratin potatoes, sweet potato puree, all the grain salads...

          2. Vallarta for a Mexican spread.

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              The Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena and Julienne in San Marino