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Sep 27, 2007 12:05 PM

Need lunch, dinner in Burbank/Toluca Lake

My favorite San Francisco cousin and her husband are using some frequent flier miles, and coming to visit us this Saturday. We'll pick them up at Burbank airport at noon, so will want a decent lunch nearby, then that evening my brother is driving in from Ventura to join us for dinner. Cousins are spending the night in Burbank. We're looking for decent food, any ethnicity okay, moderate prices, and someplace quiet for dinner where we can catch up on family gossip. I plan to avoid the big shopping mall in Burbank where all the chain restaurants are.

Thinking of Ca' de Sole for dinner - is it still good? Or other recs would be welcome.

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  1. Might try Bistro Provence on Pass Avenue in the vons center, Starbucks adjacent. for more info.
    CdS is still good, especially the patio, weather permitting, as the noise factor on Saturday should be comfortable, meaning not as much Cahuenga/lankershim traffic as during weekdays.
    Daily Grill is across from the entrance to Burbank Airport, or Portos on Hwd Way at Magnolia, both acceptable for lunch and definitely convenient. And when in that area, you could swing by B/Provence to further check it out to make sure it satisfies your evening need.

    1. I recently asked a Burbank-related question too--this might be helpful:

      1. I haven't been to Ca' de Sole in a while either, but I've always liked it.

        Although I understand wanting to avoid the mall for lunch, I'm a big fan of Zankou. It's a chain but a local one, and they have my favorite falafels and hummus. Most people enjoy the garlic sauce. It's not far from the airport.

        And if they are staying in Burbank and want to grab something in the morning, I know a lot of people like Porto's but I've never been a fan, there's a Western Bagel on Hollywood Way.

        1. I enjoy Prosecco on Rivreside Drive in Toluca Lake. It is small but not crowded and the food is good.
          Prosecco a Trattoria
          10144 Riverside Dr
          Toluca Lake, CA 91602
          Phone: (818) 505-0930

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          1. re: chuck

            I love prosecco!

            also Lucy 51 which is agree the street, and there's also French 75 :-)

          2. Granville

            Agree w/ Ca del Sole

            Lunch near airport maybe Hugo's.

            Caioti on Tujunga for Italian/pizza or Aroma for some pastries