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Forest Lawn in Glendale - need a nearby restaurant

Help! Can you recommend some restaurants near Forest Lawn in Glendale? I haven't been there in a long time.

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  1. There's Elena's Greek/Armenian on Glendale Blvd. fairly close to there. It's a good, inexpensive kabob place. Patio ambience. There are many restaurants on Brand, but it depends on what meal you want, price range, etc.

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      Actually, Elena's is on Glendale Ave., but a good choice. A few posts below, it said Skaf's has opened on Chevy Chase -- also kebabs, but sounds interesting.

    2. Toluca Lake's Riverside Drive at the Hollywood Way or Pass Avenue offramps from the 134 has plenty of places, among them Mo's and one of the original Bob's Big Boys across the side street from each other. I like Mo's much better, yet nostalgia might take you to Bob's.

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        This is the Hollywood Forest Lawn, not the Glendale.

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            Yes, and carter gave recs for the Hollywood one. I'm just saying...

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              Toluca Lake is not in Hollywood. Riverside between pass and Hollywood Way is in the SFV. Burbank/Toluca lake area.

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                hpcat was pointing out that the "Hollywood Hills" location on Forest Lawn Drive (for which Carter's rec's are directly adjacent to) was not the location (on Glendale Blvd.) specified by the OP.

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          "Hi everybody, and a very safe and sane Thursday to you wherever you may be." God bless Vin Scully.

          The Forest Lawn Glendale and Hollywood locations are so close to each other that recs for restaurants near either location WILL overlap. In fact, I would say that with so many freeways in the Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood area that any restaurants in those cities would be a reasonable distance to drive for good food.

          Good recs Carter. Back to the issue


          Auntie Em’s

          "Goodbye everybody."

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            According to Yahoo maps, they are 11 miles apart.

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              Whadaya Whadaya? Who died and made you geography boss? The main word is “NEAR.” IMO, a 10 minute drive for good Chow is a reasonable distance – it is near. Moreover, the OP might be heading in that direction after the long awaited visit to the Glendale area – could be going in any direction. Hence, many options.

          1. It's about a 5 minute drive, but I usually hit up Porto's on Brand when I visit Forest Lawn.

            1. Thanks everyone. I am familiar with Tolucca Lake area but we want to go stay closer to Glendale. I appreciate your responses.

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                To stay close to Glendale go to:


                in northern Glendale just off the 2...a quick 5-8 minutes to the cemetary...I drive that route everyday.
                I've become a creepy food-stalker since this place opened.
                If not Bashan,
                go to La Cabanita which is 2 doors down.

              2. these are nearby in GLENDALE!

                far niente - great italian. probably the best in this part of glendale.
                damons - great old time steak place with the 60+year old hawaiian theme.
                jax - owned by the clancy people. great bar with live jazz. decent food.
                frescoes - not been for a while. used to be very nice northern italian.
                gennaro's - high end italian. used to be good and classy. new owners. not been since.
                foxy's coffee shop - been there forever. decent food.
                don cuco's - same as the one in toluca lake. ok americanized mexican. good

                1. Ramsey's at the Toluca Lake Country Club is just west on Forest Lawn Drive. It's a lovely space and the guys running it also own Mo's...Ramsey's is a bit more upscale than Mo's but still reasonable, great, interesting salads and sweet potato fries!