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Sep 27, 2007 11:50 AM

The Farm of Beverly Hills

I'll be going to the one located in Canoga Park on Saturday night with a friend of mine...any recommendations? I'll most likely get a sandwich vs. an entree, maybe a burger or the roasted turkey breast sandwich sounds good. Worth the price?

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  1. The Grove location certainly is not. I was asked to a lunch there so the choice was not mine. I ordered a Tex-Mex grilled shrimp salad with the dressing on the side. The salad was made from shredded iceberg lettuce, some black beans with no taste and some grilled corn. But the worst part was the the 4 measly shrimp that came with it! I believe the salad was $16.95! for 4 shrimp! I was glad I got the dressing on the side since my friends Chinese chicken salad was drastically over dressed. A much safer bet would definitely have been the burger. The people next to us had it and it looked pretty good. The whole meal was roughly $80 including tax, tip, two salads and a glass of wine each. Way overpriced for what it is. I think of many better places to spend $80. Sorry I didn't have better news. The Canoga Park location could be much better but surely the same prices.

    1. It has the same menu as the BH location. The lobster club is good (albeit pricey at around $25) and certainly large enough to split. I like the niciose salad - one of the better ones around - not sure if it is available at dinner.The soup and half sandwich deal is a pretty good lunch, but I don't think it is on the dinner menu. I like the chicken salad and turkey sandwiches. Most of the sandwiches will be in the $12 to $15 range - not cheap, but it wont break the bank either. There is a pretty extensive food court in the same mall as the Farm with some reasonably good choices if you are looking for something less expensive.

      1. Their steak sandwich is fantastic and their brownies are so good, you should have two!

        1. Very recently I ordered their ahi-something ??? (sorry, but I don't even remember if it was an entree or app or salad item). However, it was very interesting, with three scoops of ahi prepared in three different ways.

          Our service was terrific at lunchtime during the week. It was a pleasant ladies' lunch for us, but I also agree with another poster here who mentioned that the food court at Topanga Plaza now offers quite a selection of interesting choices. Additionally, Nordstrom's has a comfortable cafe, although I am not so much a fan of their food.

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            I think it was called 'Ahi three ways'. My husband had it and enjoyed it as well. I had the meatloaf and really liked it. It comes with bleu cheese mashed potatoes (NOT a fan of bleu cheese) and they substituted garlic mashed potatoes without any problem.
            It was kind of pricey, but we enjoyed it!

          2. Best brownies in my opinion!!!!