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Sep 27, 2007 11:33 AM

Rice cooker recipes

Just bought one of those rice cookers...Feedback from anyone who uses one, and since I rarely make rice previous to this purchase, would love some great rice recipes! Thanks

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  1. Just my opinion, but use a ricer cooker just to make rice. Plain. Rice, water, that's it.

    I have had some luck going the following two directions: Add butter, salt, turmeric, a few peas, maybe a dash of seasoning, for yellow Spanish Rice.

    Cook plain (skimp a very teensy bit on the water), listen for it to click off when done, remove rice to a huge bowl and toss with rice vinegar and sugar (dissolve first) to make sushi rice.

    Other than that, I'm not a big believer in "recipes in the rice cooker," and I'm shocked to have seen recently some people advising to disable the "off" switch to cook other things hotter in the device (DON'T DO THAT!)

    1. I just make plain rice in mine, but have successfully used it to steam cauliflower and artichokes (just make sure to use lots of water when steaming artichokes)

      1. no real recipes but adding flavourings to a reg rice recipe makes it diff.

        -"jamaican" replace some of the water for coconut milk, add allspice, garlic, thyme, salt, soaked red kidney beans (then add more liquid) or use canned (add at the end if you like em firm, before if you like em soft).
        -" chinese" soy sauce, chick broth instead of some water, smashed ginger, green onions, a cube fermented tofu ("fuyu" - in a jar)
        - another chinese dish is to prep the rice w/ water and top with dried shitake (add a bit extra water), chinese sausage (lopcheung) or chinese bacon (lo yuk) and set cook
        -"mexican" onion, garlic, broth instead of some water, cilantro - lots, spinach - lots, poblano pepper
        -"spanish", tomato juice or broth w/ tomato paste (instead of some water), saffron, garlic, onion, bell pepper

        does your cooker have a congee setting? congee is really low maintenance food. otherwise boil rice in a pot 1:8 to 1:10 ratio of rice:water until the rice breaks down. can add meat or poultry carcasses or seafood (towards the end of cooking), ginger, white pepper and serve with a touch of soy sauce. this is what we did after thanksgiving. turkey jokk!

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          congee! yes yes yes. have roast chicken for dinner, take carcass and toss in rice cooker with very little rice and very much water. Maybe add ginger or a bit of fish sauce. Turn on cooker and voila! nice hot congee for breakfast. if you have small children to eat the congee, all of the bones can be easily removed with chopsticks. Serve mixed with a raw egg and some chopped onions and some chili oil and....damn! now I'm hungry!

          We do ours overnight so its ready to go in the morning. Congee is great--you cannot over cook it. I heard a rumor if you cook things with bones for a really long time, the calcium leaches out into the food. Don't know if that is true or not.

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            I should mention the carcass or bones can go in with the rice and water but if you have seafood, meatballs, precooked meat add it after the congee is done and cook to doneness...

          2. In the remains of the dinner rice, I have successfully cooked eggs for breakfast the next morning. But you have to remember to not turn off the rice cooker at the end of dinner so that the rice is still hot and not that icky cold rice texture. Break eggs on top of rice. Add a pat of butter and maybe some salt and pepper. Close rice cooker. Allow to cook until egg reaches your choice of consistency---use time to take a shower, drink coffee, go for a run, mediate, whatever. If you want you can restart the rice cooker [at least you can do it with mine] and raise the tempature. I would guess it takes about 10-15 minutes to cook?????

            In my family everyone but me takes the runny egg [like a sunny side up egg] and mixes it with the rice. The kids like it this way if their lame mama hasn't remembered to turn the leftover rice into congee.

            1. My mom used to make chinese dish. It works best with the rice cooker that has a lid that is doesn't disrupt the cooking when the lid is taken off. Slice up beef very thinly (if it's partially frozen it's easier) or cut up chicken in small chunks, add some soy to it. Oyster if you like. Slice up ginger and when the rice is dry on top but still cooking. About 7 minutes into cooking, pour the mixture on top and let it cook until done. Add some thawed frozen peas and let it sit for the last 5 minutes and you're done. Meal in a pot.

              The other chinese thing to do is to put a rack in your pot and place black bean ribs or other things in a shallow tray to steam cook while the rice bubbles.