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Sep 27, 2007 11:19 AM

Nice Breakfast Near Universal Studios?

I'm going to Universal Studios tomorrow. I want to go early and have breakfast at someplace nice near there. I don't really know the area at all. Your suggestions are welcome! Not super expensive, please.

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  1. 2 places come to mind
    - good neighbor; great breakfast and homferies
    - Patty's on Riverside north of universal awesome breakfast too.
    Good Neighbor is less then 2 minutes away, I'd call it an upscale diner/coffeshop that's been then forever.

    1. Sitton's Diner in North Hollywood is near there. Not "fancy" nice, but the food is OK.

      Vegan express on cahuenga does brekkers. Call four hours 323-851-8837

      Aroma Cafe is nearby it's probably your best bet!
      4360 Tujunga Ave
      Studio City, CA 91604-2751
      Phone: (818) 508-6505

      1. Great coffee and unique breakfasts along with sidewalk tables

        Jumpin' Java Kitchen
        11919 Ventura Blvd
        Studio City, CA 91604-2607
        Phone: (818) 980-4249

          1. re: Diskes

            'waitress special' at VIVIAN's on Ventura and Vineland is awesome..patio dining too, if you wish.

            1. re: limaboy

              i love Vivian's on Ventura.. and Aroma is fantastic too. Vivian's is closer to Universal though..

              Vivian's Millenium Cafe
              10968 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

            2. re: Diskes

              Yep Hugo's.

              Or, Four'n'Twenty.

            3. The best place by far, without enduring the novelty of a diner feel and smell, is Aroma Cafe on Tujunga Ave close to Moorpark. Great Fonte coffee, fresh breakfast pastries and awesome breakfasts. I highly recommend the Eggs Aroma or the Breakfast Quesadilla. No table service, only counter where they give you and number and bring the food to you. Universal Studio brass go here........ The patios are great.