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Sep 27, 2007 11:13 AM

Prantl's Bakery in PGH (Burnt Almond Torte) [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

I used to live in Pittsburgh, and now live in the New Orleans area. I have searched all around and never found anything close to the Prantl's Burnt Almond Torte. Does anyone know where I can get a recipe for it or something closer than this recipe: I am baking for a family function in a few weeks, and thought about introducing this delicious dessert to the folks down here. HELP!!!!

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  1. Hi,

    Good news, I don't have the recipe but I recently found out that Prantl's now ships their burnt almond tortes nationally. Here's a link to their site if you're interested:

    I love these cakes!

    1. I know this is reallllllly old, but I, too, have been looking for a closer recipe for this forever. Did you ever find one? It's my husband's favorite, we don't live in Pgh anymore, and I'd love to make it for him.

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        Hi, I may be mistaken, but I thought I saw the baker from Prantl's making that cake on WQED Cooks with Chris Fennimore in 2006 or 2007. I think they always cook from whatever QED-published cookbook they're selling for fundraising that season, so I'm guessing it's in one of them. You might want to contact the station and ask.

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          Thank you. I found a recipe online by searching for that show. I don't know how close to the original it tastes (the recipe is credited to another bakery), but I can now give personal testimony about the mail-order version of Prantl's burnt almond torte. I ordered one with trepidation, since they make it without the custard to prevent spoilage. Nonetheless, I couldn't taste a difference. It was delicious. Not only that, it made the 250-mile trip to my house in 100-degree weather, and it was STILL COLD. They wrapped it in a thermal foil with ice packs above and below. Inside the box, it was encased in plastic wrap, so no moisture got to it. All for a very reasonable price of about $37 for a cake that looked about 8" square. I cannot say enough good things about Prantl's, their cake, and their customer service. I wouldn't even bother trying these recipes that look very labor intensive.