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Sep 27, 2007 11:04 AM

Karaoke and good chow tonight?

Hola chowhounds!

I'm looking for recommendations on where we can go for Karaoke and decent food (I understand good food may be a stretch) for tonight (Thursday).


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  1. Sonny's in Adams Village has Karaoke every Thursday night. The food won't kill you. The singing might, though. :-)

    1. Try East Cambridge - karaoke at the Courtside and a meal nearby at Sunset perhaps.

      1. Does Limelight have karaoke on Thursdays? No food, but a myriad of options nearby. There's also Courtside in East Cambridge.

        1. You might also want to try the common market/cafe paris in Quincy - its right off Rte 93 - very good food and fun karaoke (although the crowd's attention span isn't always so great). nice people, a great bar and a good time all around though!

          1. a little late for your purposes, but you could do kareoke at do re mi on cambridge street in brighton/allton. nearby there's deep ellum, yoma, and grain & salt for food.