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Sep 27, 2007 10:57 AM

farm stands in Triangle?

Does anyone know of outlets other than the farmer's markets where one could buy produce directly from the grower? I was trying to remember where I had seen small farm stands in the past and the only one that came to mind was a gentleman on Erwin road who sporadically sells tomatoes from his garden. I would be particularly interested in any stands nears Chapel Hill or Carrboro.

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  1. Why not just go to one of the area's farmer's markets?

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    1. re: BryanZ

      I'm looking for something that is open more than two days a week. I guess I should have put that in the original post.

    2. In an ideal world the State Ag website would have a long list but it has only 2 listings in Orange County ( I remember seeing a guy selling produce out of a truck on Fayetteville St. near NCCU a while back but couldn't guess times or days of the week.

      There is a farm stand out 54 as you get into Graham that has a mix of local and non-local produce. Some days it is a good selection, other days they don't have much I'd want to eat.

      A useful strategy might be to ask around at the Farmer's Market. If a producer you like doesn't have farm sales, they may know someone who does.

      1. You could call farms in the area and ask if you can buy stuff directly from them. I used to do this with Tiny Farm in southern Durham until they moved to Hillsborough(?).

        1. Thanks for all the responses. I now have some promising places to investigate.

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            There are two farm stands that I know of - one on Falls of Neuse heading up toward Bedford/Wakefield area, and one on Creedmor Road closer in toward Crabtree Valley. I have no idea when they're there selling, but I've patronized and can recommend the produce from both.

            Happy Hunting!

          2. Saw a new one today. Hogan's Magnolia View Farm. The sign only says pastured beef, no idea if they have anything else.

            Th, F 4-6, Sat 10-noon

            It is on Old 86 btw Hillsborough Rd. and Homestead Rd. just on the edge of Carrboro.

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            1. re: brokegradstudent

              Hogan's has great grass-fed beef, sold out of some freezers in a trailer on their farm.