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Sep 27, 2007 10:55 AM

Ideas for pre-Wiltern adventure?

Anyone have have ideas for a pre-Wiltern chow adventure on Friday night?
I've been to Opus but not sure we'll have time for that and I heard they discontinued the tasting menu.
I've been wanting to try Prince's and Kyochon fried chicken.

Any other suggestions?


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  1. I think KyoChon is really pretty heavy for before a concert. Between all the MSG and the cycle of frying in butter, it's the sort of thing that makes one want to take a nap, not get up and dance and sing after eating it.

    I'd go for affordable steaks and cocktails at Taylor's or the tasty Oaxacan food at Guelaguetza, both on Eighth Street.

    Taylor's Steakhouse
    3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

    3337 1/2 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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    1. re: Woolsey

      Thanks Woolsey, forgot about Taylor's and am a fan, so will definitely put it on the list if we have time.

      1. re: VealParmGuy

        I tried to put the Guelaguetza restaurant link on there, but the system absolutely insisted on putting either the money transfer store a few doors down or a restaurant in Orange County instead. The system's kinda glitchy, but, if you want Guelaguetza, you'll find the restaurant well enough with the Envios de Dinero address - just keep walking until you see all the people eating mole in the windows.

    2. ob bear on 7th and vermont for tasty tong dak (fried chicken).

      1. What about BCD Tofu House on wilshire and hoover? i think you can walk to the show from there...can't wait to see the national...

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        1. re: themook

          BCD isn't at Wilshire and Hoover; it's at Kingsley. There's another one close on Western.

          Pollo a la Brasa is just one block south of the Wiltern, too, serving up Peruvian roast chicken and anticuchos, skewers of grilled beef heart.

        2. Is Guelaguetza a branch of the same one on Sepulveda and Palms across from the Trader Joes? Have been there and really like it.

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          1. re: VealParmGuy

            yep, it is a branch of the one in palms.

            1. re: wilafur

              Actually, it's not quite a branch. The one in Palms is run by a sister of the brothers who run the ones on Eighth Street and Olympic, but the Koreatown ones are the originals.

          2. Well, it ain't fancy (and it serves no booze), but Pollo a la Brasa (the Peruvian place with chicken cooked over a wood fire) is just two blocks from the Wiltern. It might be hard to get a table, as there are only 4-5 of them, but if your party is small, it would definitely be an adventure with good chow.

            Pollo A La Brasa Western
            764 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005, USA

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            1. re: emmy

              Ended up at Taylors. For some reason I love that place. It's not JAR, but the old school feel and the fact you can get a steak, baked potato and martini for a reasonable price strikes a chord.

              I've been to and liked Pollo A La Brasa. Need to go back sometime soon.

              1. re: VealParmGuy

                With the recent rain, I wonder how all those peals of wood outside fared.