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Sep 27, 2007 10:44 AM

El tour de tucson dinner for hungry cyclists

Hi there,
Just wondered if someone could suggest a good place for my bike team to eat near the marriott university park in Tucson?

It needs to be walking distance as we dont have transport, we're of varying incomes so pretty cheap, and not to wacky for the fussy eaters. I think there may be around 15 of us and we all live in San Diego.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!

Although the Tour De Tucson is in November I wanted to get a booking now, as the town will be very busy that weekend.

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  1. Hi, Jenny!

    Will this be a pre or post race meal? Also, for a team of cyclists, what qualifies as "walking distance" (I imagine this varies pre and post race as well...)

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      Just to clarify, the race is on Saturday, this is just a bit of a get-together 2 days before as we'll be arriving thursday and doing a nice easy warm up ride, so its not a 'carb loading meal'. I'd love somewhere on opentable or at least somewhere I can definitely book. Although we'll be riding 109 miles, most of the party are american so dont like to walk too far!

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        Barrio ( might be an option. They have adequate facilities, take reservations, have good food and a varied menu, and are about a mile and a half from the hotel. They may be just a hair on the pricy side for more frugal members of your party, but aren't bad at all by SD standards, at least for the places I've been, mostly in the Gaslamp. Check out the site and take a look at their menu.

    2. (Some preliminary thoughts...)

      4th avenue is your best bet, lots of cool little restaurants there. Some suggestions there:
      Delectables (
      )Maya Quetzal (Guatamalan food. Mild, healthy, and different.)
      Brooklyn Pizza (NY Style Pizza)
      Bison Witches (Big, tasty sandwiches)
      Caruso's (Book standard red-sauce italian. Used to love it as a kid, now it's pretty pedestrian, but if you're looking to carb-load, it may be the place)

      To the south, on 6th street (not avenue) there are more restaurants, though not as interesting. The best of the lot are probably:

      Zachary's Pizza (good chicago style pizza, thick crust)
      El Cubanito (Pretty good Cuban, though I've had a couple of just so-so meals there)

      Finally, on University Ave, just next to your hotel, there are a ton of fast-food places and little places that cater quick food to students. Most of them are bog-standard fast food, but there are always a few novel indy places. I haven't been to any in 20 years, so I can't comment on quality.

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        Pei Wei is pretty good, and it's about 50 yards from the hotel entrance.