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Sep 27, 2007 10:37 AM

Ordering Prime Steaks as a gift... [Moved from Home Cooking board]

I am looking at Allen Brothers right now (any other suggestions?).

I am trying to decide between Wet-Aged,Never Frozen steaks and Dry-Aged, Frozen steaks.

Even though the meat price is a little cheaper, the never frozen comes out a little more expensive because the shipping is twice as much.

Which one's better?

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  1. I have never ordered steaks, but I hope my opinion helps.

    IMO, the never frozen would be better because freezing just seems to damage the meat, whether they're eventually freezer burned or not.

    I just seem to detect a freshness difference in frozen and never frozen at my own meat that's why I give this opinion to you.

    1. Freezing doesn't matter, in my opinion. Dry aged is more expensive but better...try also Niman Ranch and Lobel's can get them through Google. I have orded from both of these as well as Allen Brothers. All are pretty good

      1. I don't know about Allen Brothers particularly but generally frozen isn't a big deal to me. As long as you defrost properly and cook properly, there shouldn't be much of a difference in quality. I'd much rather have a dry aged steak then a wet aged. To me, a wet aged steak tastes bland and has a mushy texture. I don't think its worth the money to special order prime wet-aged steak. Dry aged steak definitely has a better taste and texture. it is a firmer texture but still tender. Most of the top steakhouses in the big cities serve dry aged steak. I know Morton's is a major chain that uses wet aged steak and I think it shows and their steaks aren't very good.

        1. I've never tried Allen Brothers, but Lobel's is my crack. I can afford it about once a year. The $25 shipping just makes it worse.

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            I live up the street from Lobels - have only had their meat a couple of times due to the cost, but the meat is fabulous. Also the best hot dogs I've ever had!

            1. re: MMRuth

              Go get a burger, you lucky dog. $6 burger is heaven.

          2. I've only ordered wet-aged frozen rib-eyes from Allen Bros. and they were superb. Only better I've ever had were grass-fed rib-eyes from Alderspring.

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              The dry aged from Allen Bros is ambrosia. The only better that I've had was the Wagyu, from Snake River Ranch. I've not tried Allen Bros Wagyu but a friend says it's remarkable. Lobel's is also excellent beef. Again, IMO the dry aged is better.