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Sep 27, 2007 10:33 AM

Restaurant in Newburyport?

It's my mother's birthday on sunday and she mentioned there is a restaurant in Newburyport, MA that she would like to eat at- on the water, by a lighthouse, kind of casual. Not Michaels, but she doesn't know the name of it...does anyone have a clue?

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  1. Could she be thinking of Ten Center Street?

    1. Stripers is across the bridge from Michaels and the Black Cow (not a board favorite) is just down the street, also on the water.

      1. Could be Starboard Galley which is right next to the old Newburyport Lighthouse. Never been and never really heard good things. From what I gather it features fried seafood.

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          They actually have all kinds of fish preparations......but the quality is incredibly mediocre.


          there was a big discussion on the New England Board in June about Newburyport.
          Could she mean Mad Martha's?