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Sep 27, 2007 10:07 AM

sopes in pasadena

i know the king taco has em, and they're OK, but is there any place with good sopes in pasadena?

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  1. The one's I had at Tonny's (Lake/Orange Grove) some time back were pretty good.

    1. I fricking love sopes. When they're done right, some of the best Mexican food there is. Any West Side sopes?

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        La Cabana at Lincoln and Rose has sopes, but not as good as King Taco.

      2. My Taco on York near Figueroa in Highland Park has some excellent sopes as well as potato tacos!

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          I have had the sope at My Taco. It is the best I have ever had and I have had more than I should have. They grill the corn sope to your order -- fresh made. from fresh masa. The asada and cheese is alos very good. Another reason to go here is the nust have famous potato taco with everything on it.

          The problem with King Taco's sope is three-fold -- pre-factory made sope, small, way overpriced.

          My Taco --- Thanks DiveFan

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            yah, wow. my taco is incredible. i went and tried the chorizo sope - amazing. takes a while but worth it. fresh masa, freshly grilled, perfectly full of lettuce cheese chorizo tomato. perfect.

            i also wanted to try a carne asada burrito (i was on the go and needed to eat dinner on the run) This was the best quality asada i have had in months. so tasty. well trimmed.

            i went backj the nbext day and got the langostino soup, the goat specialty with goat consomme, a potato taco with everything, and the agua del dia - orange. everything was great. the soup was so rich, full of big prawns and a nice langostino was dissolving in the container, flavoring everything deeply.

            potato taco was amazing as advertised, and comes witha nice side of guacomole.

            marinated lamb comes with tortiallas and goat consomme. I dipped the lamd into the comsomme for my first couplke of tacos, and that was nice.

            but when i went back for more zseveral hours later decided to heat the lamb up in a pot of the comsomme and added scallions and mushrooms and carrots. this was damn good, though it made the tacos very messy. i didn't care.

            the water was so refreshing since it was so hot last weekend.

            i am beyond impressed with my taco - everything i have had out of their kitchen seems thoughtfully reciped and carefully cooked. i look forward to the rest of the menu!

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              Damn, I'm lagging, I don't know how I missed this thread.

              Yes, My Taco has the best Sopes I've ever had, and I'm glad to hear someone else likes chorizo on theirs.

              I'm also glad to hear the potato taco has found some more fans. Other things I like there are the nachos. I like the "saucy" cheese on my chips and their asada is good and a nice compliment. Plus it's nice to be able to get a small one. Mr. Tums says the last couple of burritos he's eaten there have been bad. But he said their Menudo is good.

              Another thing to try would be the chicken taquitos, those are pretty tasty.

            2. IIRC the sopes at Dona Rosa were good and with freshly made masa.

              Tonny's Restaurant
              843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

              My Taco
              6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

              Dona Rosa Bakery & Taqueria
              577 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105