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Sep 27, 2007 09:49 AM


Anyone have any leads on pig blood from ethically raised beasts? A small rural butcher or farmer-run abattoir?
I've called the likely suspects: Cumbrae, Healthy Butcher and Butcher by Nature and only Cumbrae said "hmmm...sure but the minimum order is 20 litres" 'cause their butcher would have to change methods.

Apparently abattoirs just let it slip away down the drain. What a waste.

I know frozen blood exists on Spadina but I'd rather go without than support industrial pig farming.

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  1. ..gotta ask...whatcha planning on doing?

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    1. re: Recyclor

      A little something special for Thanksgiving. You ever seen the movie Carrie? Sissy Spasek, John Travolta, the prom?

      Not that. I swear. I love morcilla and I've never made any sort of blood pudding before so I thought I'd try it as a starter for one of our two Thanksgiving dinners. A slice of Barbecued Morcilla on a spoonful of carmelized white cabbage or maybe beans.

      1. ...thanks for the scoop...have fun!

        1. re: skylineR33

          Damn. That sounds good. I've had congealed blood pieces with radish before but it would be great in congee.

        2. Hey! What about Finnish/Estonian blood pancakes?

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            1. re: lilley

              To be honest, I've never had the opportunity to try them. I stumbled a cross a recipe in one of my cookboooks (Ulla Kakonen, Natural Cooking the Finnish Way, 1975[?]), and thought, hmmm... how odd. And, as long as you have to purchase 20L of blood....

          1. How about contacting a farmer directly? There are farms in Ontario that focus on raising animals naturally...I found a reference to the one below, which might be able to help. I know it's in Owen Sound, but maybe they would be able to make suggestions if they personally couldn't accomodate you. They certainly don't look industrial... I would be interested to hear what they say and how your experiment turns out. I'm not familiar with morcilla, but I *love* blood pudding. Total guilty liver and onions...

            Twin Creeks Farm and Garden is the farm of Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde and boys, Ian, Joshua, Lukas, Aaron, and Seth. We offer grass fed beef (no grain), grass fed lamb (no grain), grass-fed pork (supplemented with our naturally grown grain and milk from our grass fed cows), eggs from our grass-fed chickens, and grass-fed turkey (supplemented with our naturally grown grain). Our grass-fed chicken is currently for our own consumption due to provincial marketing board regulations.

            Our beef, lamb, and pork are available by the cut, primarily vacuum packed, and in small quantities. Our turkeys are available in the fall. Both our eggs and turkeys are available in limited quantities due to provincial marketing board regulations. Products are available at our farm from Monday–Saturday. Please call for availability of all our products and if we are available. Local delivery available for most products.

            Twin Creeks Farm and Garden, Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde, 205045 Highway #26, RR 8, Owen Sound Ontario, N4K 5W4. (519) 538-4704.

            Good luck!