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Sep 27, 2007 09:39 AM

Hobart slicer geeks... I have questions

Yes, I called you Hobart slicer folks geeks and I'm one of you. I just picked up a Hobart model 411, 1/4 hp, 1725 rpm and want some info on it and how to care and feed it. I know she is an oldie and she runs real strong, it even looks as if she had a motor rework/update. Does anyone have any info, places to get parts etc on these old Hobarts?

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  1. i believe you can order the replacement parts from the hobart company for any of their equipment lines, no matter how old your piece is--one of the reasons restaurants prefer this more expensive brand. ebay might also be a good resource.

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      This is so. Parts are NOT cheap. Clean the rails and use a nice light mineral oil...never salad oil which gets gummy. Many models include a little sharpening wheel behind the blade. I've worked in a lot of Kitchens and the classic Hobart slicer hasn't changed much in 30 years and a lot of the 30 yr old ones are still in service.

    2. Please email me information from the dataplate of your Hobart 411 slicer, i.e. ML number, serial number or spec number. I have an instruction/parts manual for your use. My email is Looking forward to hearing from you.

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        Ask and ye shall receive! Now that is impressive. I'll email you info this evening or tomorrow morning, once home from work.

        Thanks, Hobart peeps! Way to make me a fan, and quickly!

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          Would you ahppen to have any information on a Hobart Model 111?
          Dataplate info:
          Model 111, 1/4HP, 1 Phase, SN: 436768, Spec 2386
          Cycles: 60, RPM: 1750, Volts 115, Amp 5.5

          I recently inherited this slicer and did a bit of a restoration on it.