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Sep 27, 2007 09:31 AM

Anyone tried Alia in Winthrop?

An acquaintance of mine told me recently he was opening a restaurant called Alia in Winthrop. I believe it's on Shirley St and probably serves Morrocan influenced dishes. Has anyone tried it or have any info?

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  1. From what I hear, it's a combination of Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine. Someone I know from Winthrop told me she likes it better than the nearby D'Parma.

    1. We ate there last month and had great meals. The menu has a lot of italian on it, but there was some moroccan and mediterannean influenced dishes. I had a memorable veal parm. and my friend had the lamb w/ couscous. Nice casual atmosphere, and the prices were very reasonable. BYOB too.

      1. My DH and I have been several times and the food is amazing. Don't pass this place up- don't walk, run! Mostly Italian with Morrocan influences, and run by two really nice people. We love the tortellini fedala (chicken, pesto cream sauce), veal orvieto, ravioli greca (spinach, feta, toasted walnuts), etc. Tiramisu is top-notch, atmosphere and service is great. A tremendous addition for a small town like Winthrop, and one of several really good new places from the last year or so. You'll love it!