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Sep 27, 2007 09:13 AM

Arlington - Earl's Sandwiches

any of Earl's sandwiches particularly good? TIA all

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of their bread, but their meats are absolutely wonderful! The proscuitto grilled cheese is to die for.

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      I'm not generally a fan of sandwiches, but I do like some at Earl's. I concur on this one. I also like the roast pork with grilled peppers and garlic mayo. It needs just a touch of salt, and then it is perfect. Nice and juicy.

    2. I just went here recently and decided I had to go back I really liked it. I forget what I had, but the bf's sandwhich was better (maybe BBQ like sand). I think he got turkey. But lots of stuff looked good.

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        Love me some Earl's. I used to live in C'don and was a regular for the few first months after it opened until I moved into the city. My most ordered sammy is probably the Louie. In house oven roasted turkey, tomato, pesto mayonaise on ciabbata. Simple, but huge and delicious. Also the roast beef is quite good -- either in the Monty (bbq sauce and onions) or the Roast beef and Chedder. Agree with jpschust that the buns leave a little to be desired and make for a messy roast beef sandwich -- probably why i usually opt for the Louie. Their hand cut french fries are rather addictive and their hommade chocolate chip cookies are great. I never ate breakfast there, but I suspect it is also great.

        I am glad to see them still around a couple years later and succeed as a "mom & pop" in such a chain dominated neighborhood.

      2. Sometimes I find their sandwiches a bit dry, but add some of the house BBQ sauce and I'm good to go.

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          I've only been once, but really enjoyed the sandwich I had.

        2. every neighborhood should have a sandwich shop like this.

          so far I've had the roasted pork loin ("The Roasted Earl") and "The Louie" turkey on ciabatta, both very tasty and satisfying. On both the flavored mayos really make them great. After trying the pork first I expected more turkey meat on the Louie, it wasn't "huge" but still very good. And IMO they should use the toasted ciabatta for the pork sandwich, far better than the sesame roll. thanks again all