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Sep 27, 2007 09:12 AM

How's Fat Fish in WeHo for late-night? Anyplace else to rec for Tonight?

I'll be working an event until 9p-10p near the Pacific Design Center and found out about Fat Fish's late night happy hour. How's the grub there? Discounts are nice -- but not for nasty food (and esp. nasty sushi-- ecchh).

Also, any late night options in that area worth trying (~$15-$20/pp, food only). Thanks!


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  1. Fat Fish is OKAY; their food is average. However, the bar area is great for late night as the cocktails are a little WILD. Joshua is the Bar Manager here and can make some pretty good libations, although don't ask for anything with ginger- he gets a little carried away. Other late night options are ELEVEN, great newer place there on the BLVD.

    If you want something really cheap and great, go to that awesome burger stand across from The Abbey.

    1. and then there's also Bossa Nova ~ !

      it linked the wrong bossa nova though... the one you want is on Robertson.

      Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
      212 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212