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Sep 27, 2007 09:11 AM

Which Korean Restaurant in the E. Valley?

The East Valley, by my count, now has at least six Korean-type restaurants. We will be in Chandler tomorrow night, and have a hankering for some kimchee and bulgoki. While we would prefer something a little nicer than formica tabletops, food is more important. Which one should we choose?

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  1. My vote goes to Takamatsu on the NW corner of Arizona Avenue and Elliott Rd. ;-)

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    1. re: ggdinero

      Takamatsu does a great job, but I think their kalbi is much better than their bool kogi (as with most places I've been to).

      Hodori also does a tasty kalbi, but I believe they have the type of decor you're trying to avoid.

      Takamatsu Restaurant
      1949 W Ray Rd # 32, Chandler, AZ

      Hodori Restaurant
      1116 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ

      1. re: IamJacksBrain

        Hodori used to be my favorite but I don't know why it keeps changing ownership and personnel over and over. I was last there months ago. The food was as good as ever, but they made me wait so long!

        I've never been to the Takamatsu in Chandler, but the Tucson branch is excellent.

    2. Manna Cafe (Michelle used to own Gomo on Ray)

      I also like Hodori. 1116 S. Dobson

      1. I second Manna Cafe, food is great and so is service. I think the tables were formica though

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        1. re: tivon

          How can they do Korean BBQ on formica tables?

          1. re: jkgourmet

            You don't do the BBQ yourself, they cook if for you and bring it out hot..

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Chodang Tofu & BBQ Just north of downtown Chandler on Arizona Avenue is excellent. The bulkogi is served sizzling hot, and the little appetizers that start the meal are delicious and varied. The interior has a modern, clean, spare look that feels Korean. It also has lunch specials, which is nice since I work in the area and now eat there quite often. My wife likes the tofu soups and never says no to a visit.

            Just tried Hodori a couple of weeks ago, and was disappointed. The bulkogi was lukewarm and grayish (it seemed more stewed than grilled) and the little appetizer plates unexciting except for the kimchee.

            Chodang Tofu & BBQ
            1501 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ