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Sep 27, 2007 09:04 AM

Small, precise digital scale?

I'm in the market for a scale that registers in fractions of a gram, but I'm not looking to spend serious money (> $50) on a jeweler's or drug dealer's type scale - I don't need that kind of precision. I saw 2 that have potential: one made by Salter, the other by Polder. Both have a capacity of 16 ozs and register in tenths of a gram (nothing on the package mentions accuracy, which makes me wonder, but for $20-30 I don't expect miracles.)

Personally, I've never been wildly thrilled with either companies' products - cheaply made in China about says it all in my opinion - but I'm wondering if anyone has personal experience with either of these specific products. Looking at them side-by-side in the store, all I can tell is that the Polder seems a little more substantially constructed, but is also $10 more expensive. Not a big deal if it's better made, but enough to make me want to ask around before I plunk down my $$.

Comments? Opinions? TIA.

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  1. I recenltly bought this digital kitchen scale online. It's battery operated and measures in ounces or grams. It also has the feature that allows you to zero-out weight, in case you need to weigh items within a container. It's not overly expensive and comes in many colors (if that matters to you). The company is neither Salter or Polder, but that wasn't a concern for me. Good Luck! Here's the link:

    1. I have a Salter Aquatronic and have liked it. I had another model that was plastic and looked really cheesy. I have one now that is similar but metal. It does have that "made in china" look to it. But it is compact, easy to use and I have been happy with it.

      1. Thanks for the replies but I'm hoping for specific experience with the low-weight, high precision scales. The ones mentioned weigh in large increments (I was surprised that the Aquatronic only goes as low as 1/4 oz! ). I have a couple of higher capacity scales already, the ones I'm looking at now weigh in 0.1g/.0005 oz increments - like I said, normally the sort of thing you'd use to weigh gem stones or, ahem, other low volume, high price, uh, commodities. ;)

        I have seen the Escali scales in stores but, not to be a wet blanket, they seem to be the most cheaply made of all, well maybe about on a par with the Salter. I'm hoping someone has had one or the other for a while and can comment on reliability, durability, etc.

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          maybe look at a lab or science distributor? I don't know a lot about scales, but sometimes - science has the answer!

        2. I bought this same scale from the same seller on ebay and it works great:

          I use it along with this one from amazon:

          I was not able to find one that did both jobs well. If you want fractions of a gram, I think you're better off going this route.

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          1. re: vanillagorilla

            Thanks for that Amazon link - that's good (total) price and though the capacity is a bit lower than the ones I'm seeing locally, I guess I don't really need it since I have regular digital kitchen scales, for heavier stuff, already. And that 5 year warranty doesn't hurt either, especially if the 2 day turnaround is really true!

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              That's what I ended up thinking. For anything where i need fractions of a gram, I'm unlikely to need more than 50g,

              1. re: vanillagorilla

                Finally got around to buying one of these, seems similar in construction to the Salters but the extra precision and different weight scales are nice to have.