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Sep 27, 2007 09:01 AM

Pumpkin Season - Recommendations?

Pumpkin is probably my favorite food in the world. Unfortunately, I'm an impossible cook. So any recommendations for good Pumpkin food around town? I'm particularly fond of Pumpkin Raviolis.

Usually, each fall, I eat at Dish in La Canada every weekend for their Pumpkin pancakes.

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  1. Cucina Paradiso has excellent pumpkin ravioli.

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    1. re: dinami

      Oh pumpkin is just so yummy! My favorite also! Does Divine Pasta still make their's that you can pick up at Whole Foods or other market?

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      1. OOh, I like John O Groats Pumpkin Pancakes!

        We're having a Pumpkin Spice Cake from Leda's Bake Shop for our Anniversary this Sunday.

        My favorite Pumpkin Ravioli were from Angeli Caffe, but I bet others woud have equally good recs for ravioli.

        I love the pumpkin candy you can get from Vallarta.

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        1. re: Diana

          they also have pumpkin pancakes at jinky's.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Jinky's is just not John O Groats, I'm afraid.

        2. I also like pumpkin muffins from Panera Bread (I bet Il Fornaio's pumpkin muffins are great too!)

          1. The pumpkin pancakes at Follow Your Heart are most excellent ( had them last weekend )

            I used to like the pumpkin muffins at Panera until I found out what was in them. Sigh.

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              1. re: CookieEater

                Corn syrup and artificial colors/favors/preservatives - not things that belong in a muffin IMO.

                In other pumpkin-related news, I picked up some Spiced Pumpkin and Brandy gelato at Scoops the other day - quite good.