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Sep 27, 2007 08:58 AM

Nice Brunch/Early Lunch in Santa Monica with Kids?

I have a long-lost cousin and her new fiance coming into town from the east coast and I would love to take her to a nice brunch/lunch in Santa Monica on Friday morning that is kid-friendly. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!

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  1. Rose Cafe in venice is a nice option.

    26 Beach in Venice/MDR is another good option.

    Last, you can try 3 Square on Abbot Kinney in Venice, which is a casual, cool place that will do well with kids and serves great food.

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      You could also try Jack & Jill's, Bread & Porridge, & Lemon Moon - all good food and fine for kids.

    2. Second jack'n'jill's.


      Also, Snug Harbor, Newsroom/Espressio Cafe on Wilshire, Lazy Daisy, or come east to John O'Groats.

      1. Back on the Beach on PCH...Picnic tables set up in the sand with swings in easy viewing proximity! Can't really beat the ocean and boardwalk view...

        Jinky's is also really good but the later you go the longer the wait...not always ideal with kids.

        1. I would go to the Fig Tree.

          They have (or had -- my kids are older now) crayons for the kids and some cool kid's breakfast items. And it's on the boardwalk, great for people watching.

          And the breakfast is good.

          1. Kay and Daves - very kid friendly (both locations)

            Marmiton on Montana

            Babaloo on Montana

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              17th Street Cafe on Montana. Kid friendly and good food.