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Sep 27, 2007 08:42 AM

How's Maremma?

Just heard about it on No Reservations, and my interest is peaked. What do you like to order there? Recommended/not?


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  1. My wife and i enjoyed it greatly. I have heard mixed reviews of the place, but a lot of that is from its early days when the menu was a bit more eclectic. we used to frequent beppe before casesare left to focus on maremma and the menu has many of the same options. definitely try the wild boar ragu.

    1. i'm not sure what the fuss is over maremma. the flavors were not great. this western spaghetti thing just did not work for me..

      1. I'm with Gramercy Foodie, I had a delicious meal here with 3 friends only a few weeks ago. All the homemade pastas were delicious, and so was everything else. My only criticisms were on the desserts: tiramisu needed a little more espresso IMHO, and the mint panna cotta was a little too minty; but, mind you, the panna cotta was otherwise amazing, perfect creaminess, texture, no horrible taste from too much geletin like so many places I've been to. I plan on going back in the near future.

        As an aside, I saw an episode of Late Night with Daniel where he and his usual crew dined here, and the parts where they spoke with Cesaere were literally moving -- this man loves what he does with an insatiable passion.