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Sep 27, 2007 08:10 AM

City Island

Do anyone ever go to City Island to dine? Any suggestions, websites?

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  1. Good question, RONNIENJ4. I missed out on The Lobster House (a two hour wait can you imagine?) in Cape May NJ, and would love to find something similar in the Tri-State area. I haven't been to City Island in years.

    There's Gosman's, I know, in Montauk but that's a thousand miles away.

    Just a big old honking touristy lobster place with EVERYTHING included for the price of the meal and free parking in the Tri-State area. *sigh*

    1. I used to live on City Island and so I know a little bit about where to dine.
      First of all, I would tend to stay away from the places like Sammy's Fish Box and Crab Shanty and the big places as the food tends to be overpriced and greasy and not very good.
      If you are looking for straight up fried seafood check out Johnny's at the end of the island. It's the place to go. It closes for the winter, but I think that's around the middle of October.
      For a nice meal, with great food not seafood centric you can check out the Black Whale on the corner of Hawkins and City Island avenue. Great food and cute little place. Save room for dessert because they are delicious. They also have a price fixe menu. Very good. I probably went there once a week.
      The Lobster Box is where I would go for your standard lobster dinner. It's a nice place and the food is what you would expect.
      Also, pretty good and right at the beginning of the Island are the Harbor and the Seashore. Same thing as the Lobster Box, but I think Lobster Box does it better. The seashore has a great bar and outdoor patio so it's worth at least a drink on a nice night. The back patio may close soon, but they have a patio on the side that you can sit out on.
      For a fancy meal you can visit Le Refuge. They have one location in the city. Very good French food. I've been there a few times for special occasions.

      Black Whale :
      The Harbor:
      The Seashore:
      Le Refuge:
      The Lobster Box:

      Johnny's doesn't have a website, but you can't miss it. If you drive to the end it's the one on the left.

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        tn, while there is a dearth of good seafood places in Westchester, is the quality at Lobster Box worth heading to City Island or are there places here and in western Fairfield that are equally decent?

        1. re: laylag

          Honesty, I would suggest City Island more for the ambiance than the seafood. The Black Whale is really the only place that has consistantly great meals and they only have about 6 seafood dishes.
          I would have to say that you can get an equally if not better seafood meal elsewhere. The Lobster Box is really one of those restaurants where you suit up with the lobster bib and have a solid meal.
          City Island itself is worth a visit though. Nice streets, old houses and every one knows every one. It's a little gem in the Bronx.

          1. re: tnhayes0405

            It is a cute area. We went in early spring unexpectedly and didn't check chow. We ate at some Italian/seafood joint down toward the far end - can't remember the name. Long dining room with an indoor/outdoorsy feeling additional room along the side and another smaller dining room toward the back past the restrooms. We had mussels in a "white wine" sauce. They arrived covered in an overwhelming amount of chopped garlic - and we really like garlic and a mediocre fried seafood combo. Both were served with bizzarely humongous portions of pasta - had to be over a half pound - in an uncompelling marinara. Blech.

        2. re: tnhayes0405

          Thanks, tnhayes. Good to know.

          At least the lobster is served with potato and vegetable. And complimentary bread, I hope.

          And it is a charming area in which to walk as well.

          Heaven knows, there ain't nothing comparable in Westchester. Amazing.

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. I finally made it to City Island on Labor Day weekend and we chose to eat at The Crab Shanty and we loved it. Forgot to check the suggestions that Chowhound people recommended, so we just took at chance. We will be sure to try the Black Whale next time.