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Sep 27, 2007 08:04 AM

Different Ethnic Suggestions O.C.

Next weekend we are spending the weekend at Disneyland and are hoping to have a different ethnic experience in or near O.C.. We have been to Westminster many times for Vietnamese etc but are hoping for a different style of Asian? Or anything for that matter?

Right now we're going to make the trek to Mozza one night.. oh cant wait.. we live in Phoenix and prefer Mozza to Bianco.. butterscotch pudding here I come!


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  1. Why not drive up to Artesia for Indian food? There are tons of great Indian places in the area, such as Woodlands, Tirphathi Bhimas, and others that you can find on this board. Plus, there are grocery stores, spice stores, bakeries, and a million other places that carry stuff from India.

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      That's a great suggestion. Artesia is close enough to OC and has lots of Indian, lots of Filipino too.

      Here's some Filipino options in Artesia, in pictures:

      Magic Wok (Filipino Home Style Cooking)

      Red Ribbon Bakery (Filipino Bakery) in nearby Cerritos

      Macau Street (Macanese Chinese Food

    2. In the immediate vicinity, for ethnic, you have:

      1. Thai Nakorn, Beach Blvd. and Chapman Ave., Stanton -- far and away the best Thai food in the region.

      2. Any number of Korean places, among them Lighthouse on Garden Grove's eponymous boulevard and Sagan on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park.

      3. There's an Indonesian restaurant in Yes Plaza on the SW corner of Fullerton Rd. and Colima Rd. in Rowland Heights.

      4. Tana Ethiopian Restaurant on La Palma Ave. in Anaheim.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        These are wonderul suggestions! Ive created a list and now will go back through your many wonderful write ups! I haven't had Indian food in ages and the selections here in Phoenix are pretty few and far between..

        I wish I only had more time while we are visiting the area! Oh, can anyone recommend a place for 1, Mi Bo Kho, 2, some sort of noodle house?.. need to get some lunch time in as well! You guys are the best!

      2. ive been meaning to try Felix Continental Cafe in orange for their Cuban food.

        supposed to be really good

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        1. re: frank828

          Felix's is okay not amazing. Go if your in the area and hungry but not something I would go out of the way for.

        2. Don't leave out LA County. In a lot of ways, driving up to Artesia is faster from OC than from other parts of LA.

          But an excellent indian restaurant is in Fullerton called Taal Restaurant and Bar. This place should really be more popular.

          Agora Churrascaria (brazil) in Irvine.

          I second the Thai Nakorn suggestion.