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Sep 27, 2007 08:04 AM

Service at Otto and Other Restaurants

I've been made to feel more welcome walking into a McDonalds than I was at Otto last night. Yes, the food is cheap and good. I get it. And that being the case, I understand that you can't expect the highest levels of service. But as with anything, I think that service exists on a spectrum, and the service at Otto was at the extreme low end of that spectrum. Despite having a reservation, we were ignored by the hostess(actually there were three of them), seated nearly a half hour late which seems to be a matter of course at this place, and saw our waitress once the entire night. Has anyone else had bad experiences at this restaurant. Are there any other restaurants which you feel have notably bad service? Do restaurants with great, and yet inexpensive food get a pass when it comes to service?

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  1. I've never had poor service at Otto. I think the latest I've been seated past my reservation, even on a Friday/Saturday w/6 people, is about 10 minutes.

    1. You cant sit at a table to experience otto..You need to sit at the bar! and not those stand up bars....The real bar...beautiful

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        i've read many similar complaints about otto on this board. in the past, i nearly went weekly but, now that i am rarely down in that location, i haven't been there in several yrs. looking back, i definitely agree with your comment about the service. i am not surprised to hear it has gotten worse. i have a comment about bad service in restaurants (in general) which i will post later.

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          Yes. I have had horrid service at a table, but I decided to eat at the bar for a late lunch recently and had terrific service. The bartender is wonderful and I really enjoyed listening to him. Of course, it was 2 PM on a weekday and not so crowded.

        2. I think they now cater pretty exclusively to masochists, and in what world is the food there cheap? A gloppy pasta for whatever inane amount they ask? I still will go early for a drink, before the bar is a quagmire, have a pint, she'll have some quite decent vino rosso, then off to somewhere relaxing to dine. It really is the Cheesecake Factory and I recommend it to people with hyperactive kids. The dining room is already full of kids running around in post-gelato sugar frenzy, so they'll fit right in!

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            The pasta is $9 on average. That's cheap! The pizzas are almost all under $15. I've never had gloppy pasta.

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              been about a dozen times. enjoyed each and every time.

            2. The original comment has been removed