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Sep 27, 2007 07:55 AM

Colombian empanadas

Where can I get any that are good?

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  1. If I'm correct, a Columbian empanada is very similar to a saltena. If you're in the Alexandria neighborhood of Arlandria (little Chirilagua) you can find excellent saltenas at My Bakery and Cafe, and Marcell's Bakery. Both on Mt. Vernon Ave.
    Marcella's also sells beef and chicken saltenas at a table at the Del Ray Farmers Market on Sat. mornings.

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    1. re: monavano

      I believe saltenas are baked and have a flaky crust, and are flour based similar to Argentine empanadas. Colombian empanadas are fried, stuffed with beef stew and are corn based.

      1. re: cleveland park

        Ok, that's different. Sorry. Well they sound delicious too. Good luck finding them!

        1. re: monavano

          They're really good! I've had them in Miami, but havent had much luck around here. I also wouldnt mind a place to get Venezuelan arepas

        2. re: cleveland park

          cp is right. In southern Bolivia, we used to go to the plaza every Sunday morning for those great (baked) empanadas. Our (Colombian) empanadas are, small, deep fried, filled with unidentifiable stuff...not as good.

        3. re: monavano

          Thank you for that post -- I tried My Bakery Cafe's saltenas and they're heavenly. Pike Pizza has good ones, but these are great.

        4. You might want to try la Choza. They have fried empanadas. There is a restaurant in Falls Church and also a stand in the Ballston Food Court. It is Ecuadorian, I believe, but that will not be evident at the Ballston location, with a much smaller menu. I think the empanadas are only ok, but YMMV.

          Then you could always try a Colombian restaurant, such as Monserrat in Arlington or Brasa Roja in Fairfax.

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          1. re: Steve

            I heard Montserrat isnt that good, have you tried either colombian restaurant you mentioned in your post?

            1. re: cleveland park

              Yes, I've tried both. Neiether is worth a detour, but if you're in the neighborhood or are looking for a specialty, they are a resource.

          2. You didn't give a geographical preference, and if you really are in Cleveland Park, you may not consider Rockville too far. There is a place midway between the Beltway and the city of Rockville called El Patio. It is Argentinian, and the empanadas are of the flaky dough variety - very, very good. Excellen quality fillings, really delicious.

            It is a little bit difficult to find. Turn right on Twinbrook Parkway, and it is almost on your immediate right. If you know where Urban Barbecue is, it is on the other side of that parking lot.

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            1. re: Just Visiting

              I used to go to el patio quite often, but feel like the quality has gone down over time, plus lighthouse tofu is just around the corner