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Sep 27, 2007 07:46 AM

Filipino banana sauce

I'm looking for a source, preferably in Baltimore but since I've looked everywhere I can think of I will probably have to trave, for hot and spicy (not sweet or mild) Filipino banana sauce/ketchup.


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  1. They sell Jufran hot banana sauce at a couple of the Filipino groceries around NOVA. Not sure about any in Baltimore but you can order the stuff online as well.

    1. You can get the banana sauce in Baltimore at:

      Thai Philippine Food
      523 Gorsuch Avenue (near 33rd Street)

      Philippine Oriental Food
      8019 Philadelphia Road (Rosedale)

      Places like Han Ah Rheum might have it as well, but I usually go to the one in Rosedale since I can also grab a bite to eat at Fiesta Mexicana just down the street.

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        Yes, the Han Ah Rheum in Catonsville (right off 695) does have a few brands

      2. Thanks all. The last few times I've been to Gorsuch Avenue and to Han Ah Rheum they didn't have the hot, only the non-spicy, which doesn't do it for me. I'll check out the Philadelpha Road place and maybe pick up some weisswurst at Egon Binkert while I'm in the neighborhood.