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Sep 27, 2007 07:25 AM

New Development on 183 N

I noticed that whenever Amy's Ice Cream is zeroing in on a new location, they park one of their delivery trucks at the location. That happened for a period of time early this summer. Recently, a sign was constructed that listed the following restaruants:

Amy's Ice Cream
Hog Island Deli

and I think one more place....but I couldn't read it while driving by at 70 mph. The sign also had a name for the development that had "Austin____" something in the title.

This sign is on 183 north between Spicewood Springs and Anderson Mill, closer to Anderson Mill.

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  1. Wow.... I was actually just about to post about this. I'm ecstatic about having a Hog Island so close to where I live. Let's hope it's just as good as the downtown location.

    I think the sign called it "Austinville". lol.

    1. I've noticed this sign as well. I've been meaning to post to see if any one had more info. It will be awesome to have a Hog Island in this part of town.

      Best I can tell from speeding by as well, it's called Austinville. Says it will be open late 2007.

      Just for an added reference, it's located just south of the Main Event.

      1. I noticed this sign about a month ago. Though I drive by it everyday, I can't really say when it showed up. I did some research at the time and the only mention of Austinville or new locations I could find was on the Zen website. Hopefully it will really appear!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Anyone have any new information on this? I've been waiting for this freebird's for almost a year now, and I don't see anything...

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            1. re: AquaJew

              that freebirds is open - opened a couple weeks ago. i haven't been up there...but you haven't seen it?

              1. re: AquaJew

                For some reason, several informative posts were removed here. There's a drainage and permitting issue. Not sure when (or if) it will get resolved.