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Sep 27, 2007 07:22 AM

Help Design Chow Tour of SoHo and West Village

This weekend, we are visiting NYC, and doing a chow tour beginning at Province Canteen (near Church and Canal) and walking north through SoHo and the West Village to wind up at our favorite bar, Blind Tiger Alehouse (Bleecker and Jones). We would like to stop along the way at any places offering deliciousness (sandwiches, quick bites, whatever).

Current candidates include:

Blaue Gans
Sullivan St. Bakery
Centovini Bar
Jacques Torres
Joe's Dairy
Mooncake Foods
Snack or Snack Taverna
Dosa Cart (or will he be at the Vendys?)
99 Miles to Philly or Wogie's
BLT Burger
Dogmatic Dogs
Joe's Pizza (for a slice)
A Salt & Battery
Roll & Dough

Please comment on these or any other places to stop for a quick amazing bite.

Most importantly, what to eat where?

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  1. Roll & Dough is closed
    Deborah is not worth it. A nice brunch stop, but not worth going to on a tasting tour.
    SSB and Jacques Torres are good choices. Also add Kees for chocolate.
    I really like Blaue Gans (in Tribeca) and Snack Taverna. Haven't been to Snack, but it might be better suited for a quick bite
    BLT Burger probably isn't worth going out of your way for
    I don't really like the Dosa Cart
    Other possible stops: Upstairs/Bouley Bakery Market (if you decide to go into Tribeca), Rocco's, 'ino, Amy's Bread, Murray's Cheese Shop, Faicco's, L'Arte del Gelato or Cones, Bird Bath, Otto (haven't been to Centovini, but Otto is great for small plates/wine), Blue Ribbon Bakery Market

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    1. re: Lucia

      Thanks for the very helpful input. I've been to several of your additional suggestions and, while, I loved them all, am trying to avoid repeats. As to the ones I haven't been to, what's good at Rocco, Faicco's, and Bird Bath?

      1. re: John Galt

        Rocco is an Italian Pastry shop. Cannoli is great. I also like the Italian ice, baba au rum, lobster tail/sfogliatelle, cookies, and more "rustic" stuff they keep on top of the refrigerator case. I'd stay away from the pies and less Italian stuff.
        Faicco's is a great Italian deli. I like their cured sausage and mozarella. Have heard that they make great sandwiches, although I've never tried one.
        Bird Bath is an offshoot of City Bakery. Cookies are great as are other items I've tried, esp. the bear claw.

        1. re: Lucia

          They have a great blueberry corn muffin, good scones, a good "everything" muffin, croissants, and lemonade. The selection changes a lot.

      2. re: Lucia

        Definitely Blue Ribbon Bakery Shop. Yum...get one of the open faced half sandwiches. Esp with pate or fois gras or duck.

      3. You are missing Kee's IMHO! Lots of wonderful chocolates - nut truffles, creme brulee, thai chile, blood orange ... the list goes on.

        For Joe's Dairy - love their smoked mozzarella and the mozzarella and prosciutto together.

        Lucia also has lots of great suggestions on Bleecker Street - some of my favorites.

        Kee's Chocolates
        80 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

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        1. re: MMRuth

          Kee's is an excellent suggestion, and we will add it to our plan in pen.

        2. Alidoro, on Sullivan between Spring and Prince, for some very good and filling Italian sandwiches.

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          1. re: RCC

            That used to be Melammpo, I think.

            1. re: addictedtolunch

              Yes, used to be Melampo. Same great sandwiches, though.

          2. By Sullivan St. you mean Grandaisy? There used to be two Sullivan St Bakeries, one in Hell's Kitchen and one in Soho. The owners split, and only one of them got to keep the name. The one in Soho is now called Grandaisy.


            If you got Grandaisy, the peanut butter/chocolate sandwich cookie is wonderful, as is the pizza bianco. And they're cheap!

            Don't forget:
            The Yogurt Place
            Cupcakes at Dean and Deluca
            Frozen yogurt at Bloomie's
            Grey Dog coffee or maybe Jack's Stir-brewed
            Ceci-Cela for a croissant or a financier or fruit tart...
            Maybe Eileen's cheesecake?

            Nthing the addition of Kee's. Heavenly chocolates.

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            1. re: kathryn

              Thanks. What's a good snack at Yogurt Place?

                1. re: John Galt

                  greek yogurt, topped with a stewed fruit spread and walnuts. their chicken in phyllo dough is also good, but i don't love their spinach or cheese pies.

                  whatever you get, share it, so that you leave stomach space for grandaisy's and kee's, which are right around there and well worth going to.

                  re: blue ribbon market, mentioned above. ask to sample their honeys--they have a range of floral flavor, texture (crystallized v liquid), and are really delicious.

                  ditto Lucia's rec to skip the dosa cart, and to go to bird bath.

                  1. re: rose water


                    What's good at Birdbath? Do they have the famous pretzel croissant there?

                    1. re: John Galt

                      i haven't noticed the pretzel croissant. i've had delicious muffins there, with interesting ingredient combinations. i like them most because they're not too sweet--i don't remember details, sorry, but i've tried one with sesame and other seeds (which my partner objects is too birdseedy), one with miso and plum, one with big chunks of banana, one super moist one with rum. they also have delicious baked buttery things, and a range of cookies which i've not tried.

                      1. re: John Galt

                        I've seen the pretzel croissant occasion at the EV location, not sure about the West Village one. The selection varies from day to day. Maybe call ahead?

                2. On Layfayette and Spring:
                  Ed's Lobster Bar

                  and Local
                  Local, 144 Sullivan St., nr. Houston St.; 212-253-2601.
                  Amazing artisinal coffee from Craig Walker

                  Ed's Lobster Bar
                  222 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012