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Sep 27, 2007 06:54 AM

what's new in charm city?

any word on.....

Spike's new place?
Cinghale's menu,food,service?
Who's going into old Joy America space?
Who's going into the old Soigne/Sly Fox space?
Anything to look forward to??

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  1. Spike's new place is the one going into Clipper Mill, right? I'd love to get more details about that. The description on the website sounds like its going to be really great. Any 'hounds have the word?

      1. re: hon

        menu looks interesting and I can't wait to try it...but what a truly annoying website!

          1. re: kimmer1850

            They should fire their website designer. It's slow and hideous. Who wants to wait for some flying pasta just so they can see the menu? Blech.

        1. Nelson (Spike's parter in Woodberry Kitchen...also of Grand Cru fame) told me they were only a couple of weeks away. Though I don't believe he said a specific date. But it is easily the place I am most excited about.

          Cinghiale's food and service will likely be up the standards of its proprietors. But if I had to guess, I will be found more often on the enoteca side.

          Also on the horizon are the new additions to Central Ave.-- Tsunami and Lemongrass.

          1. Apparently Charlie Gjerde (the other half of Spike and Charlie) is opening a place in Fells Point, on Broadway where Gemini was.

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            1. re: Hal Laurent

              The Stalking Horse, owned by the Ropewalk people, is being renovated to be another sports-type bar. The alcohol will be plentiful, the food barely average, and the politics will be down your throat conservative. Enough said?

            2. Sly Fox is gone? I didn't even notice. They always seemed busy when I went? Although food kept slipping, so I stopped going months ago...

              What about Stalking Horse on Cross St. - they just opened and then had that fire and now the place looks like it's being totally demolished? Anyone know?

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              1. re: pigtowner

                Sly Fox isnt gone, they just moved locations to where the old Sky Box used to be (i think that was the name)