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Sep 27, 2007 06:45 AM

Vietnamese in Rhode Island?

Does anyone have some good suggestions for vietnamese food in RI? I have heard that a new place opened up in the Cranston area. Any information?

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  1. minh hai (park ave, cranston) and pho horn's (mary ann st - shaw's plaza off n main st on pawtucket/prov line) both excellent

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      i'll second pho horn's. good service, good, cheap food.

    2. I will third it, but it's the only Vietnamese restaurant I've been to so far in RI.

      1. I would agree with the Minh Hai suggestion. Everything I've had there is awesome...and it's inexpensive.

        1. Pho Horn is pretty good. There is also Pho Paradise on Broad street (337) which is excellent, and Pho Hon's in Cranston (resevoir ave) which is also pretty good. Out of the 3 I would say Pho Paradise has the best noodle soup.