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Sep 27, 2007 06:41 AM

Savant Project? The Beehive?

The Dig gave this place a rave in the current issue. It's in the spot that used to be the Solstice Cafe (a place I never managed to visit) on Tremont near Brigham Circle. It appears to offer a very eclectic menu with an Asian tilt, serve lunch and dinner, and make serious cocktails. Any reports?

I also see Nadeau gave The Beehive a 4-star rave today. Has anyone eaten here recently? His experiences of the food (and service) sure sound different from mine. Maybe the kitchen finally came around? Having admired the chef's previous work, I was baffled by how bad the food was on my multiple visits.

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  1. The Savant Project is still in its pre-opening mood, with only cordials available for cocktail making - no full liquor license yet. Menu is Asian/South American - whatever that means.

    1. From everything I've heard, the bartenders are some of the best in Boston. In fact Cedric from Silvertone wrote most of the cocktail list, Micheal, from Silvertone and the Franklin, is the bar manager. Josh moonlights over there. So the bar is jacked with all of this talent, but the bad news I've heard is the food is subpar. I honestly think they were going more for the bar scene than the food aspect.

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        1. re: litchick

          Frank from the Alewife Summer Shack, then Anise? I'd follow him- he makes a mean cocktail.

          1. re: bobot

            one and the same. he's at beehive mon-weds at the upstairs bar. ;)

        2. re: FoodArt

          Cliff Travers... wasn't he at OM?

          1. re: FoodFemme

            Cliff was at OM. I heard somewhere that he was going to be the bartender at Banq, the new place in the Penny Savings Bank. I was very excited about that...hope it's still the plan!

        3. I was surprised to see that, too. Though somehow the first two or three meals I had there (right when it opened) were very, very good. Then...nothing but mediocrity, so I stopped going.

          Maybe I should head back there again.

          1. And the kitchen at Beehive certainly can't be getting any practice by not cooking tonight (due to the jazz fest).

            1. Adam Halberg is leaving or has left the Beehive. Although the Phoenix review likely predates that, given the time involved in the editorial process.

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              1. re: limster

                Halberg is gone. Bartending friends tell me that management is consulting with a chef from Sharon on the menu.

                1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                  A chef from Sharon... is that Kevin Crawley from Coriander? I've always heard great things about Coriander.

                    1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                      Complete list of restaurants in Sharon, MA: Coriander, Alice's Mandarin Taste, Pizzigando, Pizza Market, University Meal Deal, Charlie's Deli & Catering, D A Restaurant.

                      I'm guessing Coriander, which indeed was a fine little bistro, way above average for the suburbs, my one meal there some years back.