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Sep 27, 2007 06:41 AM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Provincetown--Recs?

Okay, I've trolled the boards and found a few recomendations, but let's say your mother-out-law and some assorted family--five of us in all--are driving from Boston to stay on the cape this weekend. Many have said Clem & Ursies, many have mentioned making sure to hit the Portuguese bakery for sweets, Karoo for South African, possibly Lorraine's... Any other knockouts? She's paying, but my part of the deal, as I'm well known to be a bit of an eater/drinker/diner, was to scout places to eat. We'll do two dinners, two lunches, possibly two breakfasts, and are a cheifly pesco-vegetarian bunch. A round of festive cocktails on Saturday--with a view--would be stellar.

Thanks in advance to all!

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  1. We went a couple of weeks ago. Drinks on the deck at Pepe's followed by dinner at the Lobster Pot fit the bill for us.

    I had thought the Lobster Pot would be a rip-off kind of tourist place, but tried it after recs on this board. It is touristy, but the fish was quite good. I especially liked the cod with mornay sauce, even though that sounds a little 'old school' in my book- it was really tasty. It was very crowded and we had to wait a bit for a table, but that left time for another festive cocktail, although the only view was people watching.

    Another night we went to Wellfleet and did drinks and apps at the Bookstore (try the fig martini, if they've got it, but the bloody mary was also good) followed by more apps and sushi for dinner at Mac's Shack (although I see they're closing for the season on Sept 28).

    The Portuguese bakery is good, but I think I've had better Portuguese baked goods in the Boston area. We got the grilled pork sandwiches there and had them for lunch on the pier. They were OK, but seemed like they needed some sauce or something. Pastries were OK.

    We were more impressed with Connie's Bakery on Race Point Road (in a little plaza next to a bait/tackle place just north of rt 6). It's just take out, but they have a few picnic tables out front. I had a delicious egg/spinach and onion sandwich on a portuguese roll. Everything in there looked fabulous- it was hard to decide what to get, so we got a bunch of things and they were all good!