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Sep 27, 2007 06:33 AM

Need recs for 6 mid 20's girls in fashionably/cool place to dine/drink monday night preferably downtown-dinner should be no more than $25 each not including drinks.


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  1. That's usually the deal when I dine out with my friends. We all like small plates but vary in our eating habits (vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores) so we always need compromise restaurants like: Alta, Kuma Inn, Jeeb. Each has seriously delicious food that can cater to each of our preferences, a great vibe, and good drinks (especially Kuma Inn, since it's BYOB!).

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      Try Le Madeleine. (If you get there early enough you can claim a coveted table in their garden.)
      You can google a menu online.

      1. re: idia

        No way does Le Madeleine fit their criteria. Not downtown; not cool; not fashionable; diners not in their 20s.

        $25 is tough but suggestions: TIA POL if you order carefully. Maybe Florent in MePa? Fatty Crab?

        1. re: chow_gal

          Agreed. What about Highline or Peep?

    2. Alta is great. Other options - 'inoteca, nearly any of the EV/LES Italian places (Max, Frank, Supper), Cafe Asean (not super cool but nice atmosphere and inexpensive), Haru for sushi.

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      1. re: pellegrino31

        Max/Frank/Supper all have wonderful food that clocks in under $25 but they are definitely not fashionable/cool and I am pretty sure that they're not what this girl is looking for! (Having been in my mid-twenties and having lived in the East Village not so long ago, I think I can safely say that!)

        1. re: scarlet starlet

          I guess it's all interpretation, there's lots of ways to consider fashionable/cool (especially in this town). I've seen plenty of people at these places with an interesting and varied sense of style. But if this group wants more of a self-consciously fashionable scene like something out of Mercer Kitchen or Thor, then right, these places won't work. Neither would Alta then - when I was there the other week I saw plenty of wheelie-bags and chinos.

        2. re: pellegrino31

          I second 'inoteca, easily in the price range, great place to hang for a night with wine, cheese, and panini. I've done girls nights there myself. Highline's a good idea too.

        3. I nominate Stanton Social -- pay attention to what you're ordering and the food can definitely be about $25 pp, it's all small tapas-style and varied cuisine, and you can sit upstairs at couches with a low table nearer to the bar and enjoy the cocktails, which are also delicious. I've been several times, most recently for my best friend's birthday, and it worked well with a crowd of people that are in fashion, would rather have great ambiance than great food (though I think they have both), and would rather save their money for the latter parts of the evening. Oh, and it's on

          1. I suggest Esperanto on Avenue C. They've got refreshing drinks and tasty Brazilian and Cuban dishes. It's a vibrant and energetic atmosphere with a range of entrees for varying tastes.

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              I'm a mid 20s lady myself and this criteria is something I look for on a pretty frequent basis. Esperanto is a fantastic idea as are Alta, Peep, 'Inoteca and Stanton Social. Definitely be careful at Alta and Stanton though as the plates can add up rather quickly.

              Some new additions: Boqueria, Do Hwa, Cafetasia and Spitzer's Corner

            2. Pastis - You can find sanwich/burger/salad options that are relatively inexpensive and tasty. It's still pretty much still a hotspot - and a Monday night should definitely have a much cooler crowd than a fri/sat (More locals, less B&T)

              Schiller's - same deal - but I don't care as much for it.