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Slices of Cake in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

I seek comfort food, which to me means a big ol' slice of cake. I am not a fan of the Cupcake - too dry in that small little package. Have a whole slice from a nice big moist cake, I say!

I have been mentally walking up and down Smith and Court and can't seem to find a place that serves cake by the slice. (I don't want to go over the BQE to BAKED, which I know will have what I want.) If necessary, I guess I will settle for a cupcake, and I am thinking of those big honkers in the window of Downtown Atlantic. Any good?

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  1. Go to Betty Bakery on Atlantic betw. Bond and Nevins and get a slice of the valhalla chocolate cake. Best cake in the neighborhood. The cupcakes at downtown atlantic are good, but do not compare to the cake at Betty's.

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      Betty's Red Velvet, however, is not very good.
      We threw the frosting away when we ate it.

    2. I agree with salmon. Also, although it's more of a trip, I have had really delicious individually wrapped cake slices from Lassen and Hennigs. They freeze very well. Just seal in a zip and take out a couple of hrs before you plan to eat. SInce it's more of a trip, you can rationalize picking up a few pieces :-} They have a huge selection
      We use them for catering all the time and are never disappointed.
      Not inexpensive but excellent quality and very relaible .Here's their page..


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        Hey Tay - your link doesnt work -

      2. What about Sweet Melissa's? I know they've got lots of delicious cookies (I've been dipping them in my tea and reading Proust in their garden all summer), but I seem to recall some decadent looking cakes behind the display glass.

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          Sweet Melissa's cakes are soooooo sweet. For most of us, really too sweet.

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            I love Sweet Melissa's chestnut and chocolate madeleines...would go well with Proust!

          2. You might want to check Tazza on Henry St. They sometimes have cakes from Baked and you can order by the slice.

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                Nope. No slices. Though they did have an individual carrot cake 'loaf'.

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                I can't imagine a better answer to the original question than Tazza. They're normally serving at least one cake by the slice (from Baked, and perhaps some other places–I know their cupcakes are usually from Crumbs).

                While not made on premises, I've always found the cakes to be very fresh, and I've had some wonderful ones there. The dark chocolate frosted chocolate cake and the salty caramel cake stand out as recent great choices. If their cake selection happens to be paltry on a given visit, then try their double chocolate cookies–it's like slightly undercooked, fudgy brownie dough encased in a crisp cookie coating.

              3. There's a new bakery across from the Y on Atlantic by the corner of Court. Not sure how good they are but they did have alot of baked goods.

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                  That's Betty bakery thar salmonskin wrote about.

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                    au contraire. Betty is not at court. There's a new place dimples is talking about in the old Nosh space. Adam's maybe? the name is escaping me. I know its not David's, but some male biblical name . . .

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                      Sorry wrong "Y". Thought dimples was talking about the Y*W*CA which is a block down and across the street from Betty. My error. (Somehow Two Tree's health club doesn't seem like a "Y" to me)

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                    It is called Adam's Bakery. They were at the Antic and I sampled their wares: 2 vanilla/vanilla mini cupcakes and this square sort of marshmallow shaped white cake dipped in something brownish and gooey and rolled in coconut. OK, OK, so I said no cupcakes and then I have a MINI cupcake - an even SMALLER cake area? Kids, those mini cupcakes were great! And MOIST as all get out. That square thingie was good too.

                    And then later on in the antic, I was in cake slice heaven. The Baptist Church Ladies had so many varieties! I had a big old slice of coconut, and then held up one hand to testify.

                    I love cake. I do. I really do.

                  3. was just at one girl cookies (dean btw smith and court) for the first time yesterday and they have cake by the slice, though the selection is small.

                    also, i know you said no cupcakes, with which i usually agree, but my friend got a cupcake from one girl which i tried and i was blown away by how moist the cake was, because usually i agree with you that cupcakes are too dry.

                    this was a yellow cake cupcake btw, so not sure how moist the chocolate ones are.

                    also, just to note--i know there's some controversy over one girl and i have to say that i wasn't too impressed with the cookies (i think i could make better at home) but the cupcake was v. good!

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                      the new Margaret Palca on Court has lovely slices of cake!

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                        They did have a red velvet for a few days last week. not into red velvet.

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                          I had yellow cake from Margaret Palca at a friend's house and I thought it was awful. It was like a wet kitchen sponge and the frosting was like a stick of margarine with a bit of sugar mixed in. Duncan Hines mix turns out a better cake than that thing. My friends couldn’t stop apologizing.

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                            agree with you about Margaret Palca's cake. I've had their red velvet and carrot cakes and both were dry with a cloyingly gummy and sour frosting (no, it wasn't cream cheese but tasted like margarine that had turned).

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                          i agree, one girl cupcakes are amazing! i had a choc one and it was also incredibly moist, and this was as they were closing!

                        3. Tazza on Henry Street at Atlantic sells Baked cakes by the slice.

                          1. Naidre's on Henry and Sackett sells cake by the slice.

                            502 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                            1. The tea lounge on Court sells cake by the slice. Too bad you are not into red velvet because I think it is really good there. They also have a chocolate and carrot which I have not tried but that also looks pretty good.

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