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Sep 27, 2007 06:19 AM

Help a Brit for Thanksgiving

Hi all,
I need some help and hoping this is the right place to get it.
Im travelling from England to Boston over Thanksgiving and staying at the Boston Sheraton in Dalton Street. I would like to try a proper Thanksgiving meal, and have no idea where to go. I emailed the hotel a couple of times asking for advice and they havent bothered responding.

So what I would like to know from those who know the area is where is nice place (that is not already booked up), thats not too far from the hotel (prefer walking distance, but happy to take a taxi) and that will server a good Thanksgiving meal?

Also, if you happen to know a nice place for breakfast, that would be helpfull as well.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I used to work at Eastern Standard and when I was there they would do the full spred for Thanksgiving. Most of the hotel restaurants in Boston will be open at least partially for the holiday, but close to where you are staying ES may be the best option. Breakfast is a wide ranging variety, but for Thanksgiving day once again it would probably have to be at a hotel once again.

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      If I may, I don't know why you're coming here that weekend, but if you're not a pure tourist I hope that your organization would have the courtesy to find you a host family for that day.

      Thanksgiving is a big deal in Massachusetts and New England, and if possible, your best bet for a traditional real meal is to hook up with a local family, if possible. As someone who has "saved" out of towners before, it's one of the few times of year that, as a group, we're extremely hospitable and friendly. The hotel places, while great, should be your last option.

    2. Here's a listing of places that were open last year. The Oak Room nearby is very traditional. I, myself, would probably opt for something less so like Sel de la Terre.

      1. Many restaurants are closed that day. Using Open Table (, I found 21 restaurants open, most of them in hotels. Of the group, Eastern Standard looks to be the best choice. It also works well for solo diners and is convenient to your hotel.

        Breakfast tends to be hotel centered. There is a local institution that's well known for breakfast: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus Ave. It's closed Sunday and may also be closed on the holiday.

        Eastern Standard
        528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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          I agree with the recommendations. Eastern Standard is walking distance from your hotel. It is a nice stroll on Commonwealth or Beacon Street.

          Charlie's Sandwich is a great local breakfast spot.

          On the other end of the spectrum, the Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons is expensive but a great value, if you consider it a main meal of the day. It is a nice opportunity to enjoy excellent seafood, meats, and almost everything else. This one should also be reserved as soon as possible, and they are likely to respond.

        2. I think you'll find that a Thanksgiving dinner is very much like a traditional English (or in my case Irish) Christmas dinner, with the possible choice of Yams as a veggie option and the addition of Pumpkin Pie for desert! ;)

          As someone else said, Charles Sandwich Shoppe is a good choice for breakfast if it's open. Otherwise, Steve's Greek on Hereford, a 2 minute walk from your hotel, could be a (not as good) alternative. If all else fails most of the hotels do decent, but expensive, breakfast or brunch.

          I'd 2nd the choice of Eastern Standard for dinner, I've haven eaten there yet, but have only heard good things about it. And it close enough walk to, and just far enough to walk off Thanksgiving Dinner!


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            I completely disagree, sunday roast consists of roast, yorkshire puds, parsnips and brussell sprouts and roasted potatoes followed MAYBE by treacle or bread pudding. About the only similarity is the fact that there is meat veg starch and sugar which, truly, can be said of any meal.

            Thanksgiving is a big family do all over America and generally consisits of a turkey filled with stuffing (while recipes vary, it is usually a bread based stuffing) mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams or sweet potatoes and maybe peas or something similar followed by pecan pie or pumpkin pie.

            It's really worth it to have a nice, family thanksgiving, but as that does not appear to be an option, ES sounds like it may accomodate.

            Good luck!

          2. Henrietta's Table, at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square (a 10-15 minute taxi ride from your hotel), is open for Thanksgiving. I would expect them to serve an excellent traditional Thanksgiving meal.

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              I agree with Blumie. Henrietta's Table would serve an excellent traditional Thanksgiving meal. They focus on traditional New England food - it's their specialty - so Thanksgiving is right up their alley, and I'm sure it would be perfectly executed.